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  1. Yea but you know exactly what you're doing, I wouldn't advise this option. Try to see if you can find a power supply that will fit that computer or new case+power supply. Same motherboard and rest of the stuff should work.
  2. The city looks cool but that placeholder for the main character is just bad. They should of waited imo.
  3. Unstoppable

    Hello world!

    I just hope that we don't have World War 3 with all the people in power wanting more money, seems their hunger is never satisfied. When the people come together and stop the tyranny of evil men then that is the day we can find peace again.
  4. I think it's a great game but I was a bit let down by the ending, not so much because of the story rather because I want to play Mass Effect 3. If you did not manage to you know what with your crew then play it again because it is possible for them all to you know what.
  5. Sorry guys I didn't mean to come off as wanting you to buy the game. I was just happy I got some QA work no worries. Just forget it as a matter of fact .
  6. That's like me asking you why you choose to spend your money on things you like or want. It's really none of my business what you do with your money.
  7. What games are you talking about Serp? I can think of one example very quickly and that game is Dragon Age 2. First off the promo for it on Game Informer was horrendous interms of image quality. They put a new art lead in the game and change the entire look of the art style. It was previewed way too early though and Bioware heard the rants on the forums. Anyway further proof is the fact that copies of the expansion Dragonage: Awakening had a card with February as a possible launch/announcement to Dragonage 2. The release date as it stands is March 8, 2011 I believe. Anyway the game is looking much better, and one of the Bioware leads Dr. Ray said that they have been working on it a long time before they announced. However I really feel it's trying to be a quick cash in, they could of easily delayed it to late 2011 or early 2012 but nope. Is EA to blame? Maybe. They are now owned by EA after all. This will be the first monumental shift in Bioware's credibility I think. On one hand they are releasing a game in half the time it took them to make Dragonage: Origins. On the other hand they are promising the same great experience with new game play elements and what not. Can they pull it off? I'm not betting on it and I'm waiting for the reviews and probably for price drops. What games do you think about that are being pushed out of development too early?
  8. Sorry about that for the lack of info on platforms. Well I pre ordered it myself so I know it's going to be on the PC. It is sort of like tetris but if you notice the video there is a time limit and there are also swapping and color combinations you can make. To the viewer it might look like another generic puzzle type game but having played it I can say it is anything but. It is challenging. I'll let you know when the demo is out.
  9. The only solution I have found to piracy is cloud gaming with things like On Live. If the user gets their games streamed and never stored then there is no way to pirate them. I wonder if this will be the wave of the future with consoles, on one hand it would mean the end to retail, on the other it would mean the end of piracy. The question is, is there a better way and who is going to find it?
  10. Hi all! You might remember me from the dozens of video game posts I've created over the years! Some call me a Troll, others a Spammer, but I consider myself a voyager of many forums! Anyway there's this interesting game coming out early this year it's called Purify Puzzle. It's by an indie studio called Paper Child Studios. I am fortunate enough to be on the team. You guys and gals are more than welcomed to check it out. I believe there will be a demo in the future as well. That's all about I can say really but I think it's worthy of checking out. http://www.paperchild.com/PurifyPuzzle.html
  11. Greetings all, your mod was mentioned in one of the front page articles for Fileplanet.com today. Check it out here and congrats. http://blog.fileplanet.com/2011/01/12/some-games-need-a-sex-change/
  12. Well thought post JTR7
  13. Sry but I feel no pity for someone who gets cancer and they are a smoker. My mom is a fucking chain smoker man and she hasn't got cancer yet. I think she's been smoking since she's 17 or earlier she got hooked at a young age and she won't quit. I already told her that I won't be there for her when the shit hits the fan cuz she's doing it to herself. If anything does happen to her because of her chain smoking ways she not only screws herself but her family as well if something happens to her. I knew this one guy who had a beautiful wife, house, and car but died to lung cancer. Was a smoker. He also had a nice job I believe. Everyone has their vices at some part of their life, and smoking for some is their vice. For me thankfully I never picked up the habit. I tried it once and it tasted worse than shit so no thanks. I'll tell you who to feel pity for. The kid's that go to St. Jude's hospital everyday diagnosed with cancer. Your friend's dad got to live a full life, more than can be said for millions of people in this planet. Moral of the story, don't smoke, and try not to be around those that do. Also we got too many people in this planet in the future, so if more people die for smoking more power to me. Hate to put it that way but it's true. May he rest in piece wherever he ended up now. Oh and as far as helping people, this is a life lesson I learned in a long time. Never, EVER help anyone if they don't ask for help. Some people are just arrogant or un appreciative of help, or hell they just don't want it. Some people would rather be homeless than get help from others, that's just how people can be. The exception to helping people would be life and death situations.
  14. Unstoppable


    This cloud tech is cool because it offers a solution to combat piracy. I wouldn't purchase it myself but it's nice to have the option.
  15. What don't you get? It's set in the year 2027 about 30 years before the first one which is 2052. Things look more advanced but the augmentations are not. They are mechanical instead of nano. Also they have added a renaissance and trans-humanism elements to it. It looks more advanced in the sense that the engine they are using along with the technology has changed during the last 10 years. They are able to do things that only Warren Spector could dream of back in 2000. Yes it looks vastly different but at it's core it sticks to the story because these events happen before those of 2052. The gray virus we know nothing about and neither about Bob Page or Walton Simmons. JC Denton and Paul Denton are either not born or just babies/kids. As for the elements I got that info from the developers and official boards. You can find those at forums.eidosgames.com New Trailer here encompassing all previous game play trailers in high def. http://kotaku.com/5710958/this-amazing-deus-ex-trailer-will-need-some-popcorn
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