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  1. If I have post processing enabled, I almost feel drunk when playing. Like going sideways, while aiming straight ahead. I have to switch off, I keep falling out of my seat. I recently had to switch to a Sapphire HD6670 due to hardware malfunction.
  2. I'm sorry to hear about this. I would certainly help out as far as I can. Either with voice "acting", music/Sfx or anything else that I might have a slight talent at. Both to the core mod or individual maps. I can't offer much, sadly, as I'm not very good at modelling (the more angular it is, the better- seems more tidy to me. ) The only real coding experience is simple text adventures on the old commodore computers. I realize the extreme amounts of work involved by few people. And it is easy to take all that for granted, perhaps thinking that there's a perpetual joy and fulfillment in the creative process that doesn't need praise or acknowledgement. It is a wrong assumption. There are always ups and downs. I have myself spent more time asking for features than thanking for what's already there. I'm guilty of that, and I'm sorry. I've tried mapping myself, I'm still doing it. But I'm also exploring other engines and tools to learn and take new discoveries and inspiration back. But, it is difficult to get things just right and it takes time. Especially when having equally time consuming projects elsewhere, as I assume we all do. I just don't want to release something that's only half way there. But I do think that in the end we all appreciate eachothers efforts. This mod will surely not slip into oblivion. It is too good for that to happen.
  3. Hi! And thank you. Thank you, kind sir. Wow, my first static model import. Oh, the possibilities!!!
  4. "Hey, you, the Rock Steady Crew Show what you do, make a break, make a move Hey, you, the Rock Steady Crew B-boys, breakers, electric boogaloo..." So... What do I put in that ase file, eh? (Gotta flip the normals too, apparently.)
  5. Okay. Can someone tell me exactly what to enter into an .ase file to replace the object's texture? I've tried and tried, but failed and failed. I've the Steam version which might be the problem. This is what I have now: *BITMAP "//textures/darkmod/stone/natural/deep_cave_dark_01"
  6. Which is why I'm thinking that it might be "better" to play sounds of short bursts of airbubbles as they are "hit" by the water and a longer one as they expire. This could be shared between AIs as the character of their voices don't make a difference when their lungs fill with H2O. I'm volunteering to make them if it's of interest. This might be regarded as nitpicking, and I don't mean to criticize anyones work but as gaming becomes more and more naturalistic one is less forgiving of some things that just end up breaking the immersion.
  7. My aging laptop runs a tad jerky TDM in 640x480... I'm a happy man... I can map on the couch with my wife and inspiration beside me!

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    2. nbohr1more


      That's approximately an X300 generation GPU... better than New Horizon's old FX 5200 by a hair though...

    3. Bikerdude


      is it a laptop or a desktop..?

    4. ocn


      Laptop. But in reality it can only funtion as one if you've a pack of ice between it and your crown jewels.

  8. Is it an idea to change these from the current choking sounds to something a little more erm... bubbly? Perhaps even low pass filtered as they have to be submerged to even make them. Just a thought.
  9. It works like a charm for me too. Never had an issue with saves, but missions just wouldn't stay installed. Thanks.
  10. Ahem... After adding some brushwork I see I've continually tested a prior version of the map without the correct spawnargs. It works and I'm sorry for wasting your time.
  11. No, there's nothing unusual about him or the area he's moving through. Just a simple and wide corridor. There are two lights in an adjacent room that are switched off by a trigger at mission start which might initially have sent him into search mode, but he should revert to normal eventually anyway(?)- and I've waited to see if anything changes. EDIT: I moved him away from the original area and there's no change in behaviour.
  12. Those did nothing. However the wiki does say : "If the animation itself has a setRate frame command (which accomplishes the same effect as this spawnarg) in the modelDef where it's defined, then the frame command will override this spawnarg." Which may render whatever I do useless.
  13. The value of 0.95 as the wiki says in the example, 2.0 and 0.50 which I suspect is close to what I want. Thanks for offering your help, I'll be more specific in a PM which I'll write shortly. :-)
  14. Well, I tried to add a "anim_rate_walk" spawnarg to a "townsfolk_commoner_02", but it seemed to freeze in one frame and just turn. I cannot get the behaviour I want.
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