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  1. It is crazy but with latest Nvidia drivers enforcing triple buffering and FXAA are mutually exclusive Now I have triple buferring but no FXAA, any chance to add FXAA shader to DarkMod pipeline?
  2. In the Pawn I'm missing about 80 in loot but think I've been everywhere. Could you pls give some hints? I know I missed loot . Thanks
  3. No, it makes no sense to use buffering at all if VSync disabled. It is to enable VSync (and thus have no tearing) but prevent FPS limitations (as OrbWeaver wrote). Absolutely. I mentioned FXAA just to say that it could be enforced from driver settings but triple buffering not working even when enforced. With NVidia it is double buffering by default. And there is only one option in driver settings, actually I don't know if it is for DirectX only or for OpenGL too. But is there any chance to tweak it from game configs or console?
  4. Have Geforce GT 520M on Windows 7 Home Basic 64 bit and driver 344.65. Enforcing triple buffering in Nvidia Control Panel doesn't work (while enforcing FXAA works). Any other way to enable triple buffering in DarkMod? Thnks
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