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  1. Thanks for reacting to my ideas. As for point #2, Once again, you've completed a monumental task already and I greatly appreciate it.
  2. I was going to open an account just to praise/comment on this mission. I didn't even remember that I already had one as my last post in this forum was nearly 12 years ago. But I'm glad I'm revisiting TDM after all this time. I want to congratulate the creator of this map. It was brilliant with excellent lighting and atmosphere. I loved the idea that indoor electric light sources could be interacted with. Another thing I found fascinating was the clues to every secret - at least to the four that I found: Another impressive aspect of this level was how loot was distributed rather evenly throughout. You could find something of value almost everywhere, but not so much that your loot objective would become absurdly easy. Readables were both concise and useful, and it was awesome that you could carry the more important ones with you. I'm sure there are tons of more positive points that others have already mentioned. However, there are a few things that I think you could improve upon: I hope you find this useful. p.s. I went back and found the last secret. It was something I'd noticed earlier but forgotten to explore. I suppose things jut out for a reason.
  3. Thanks for the quick replies. I had already uninstalled the friggin Catalyst, not that I ever used it or anything :-D but turning off bloom actually worked. No rotating world anymore Thanks for taking a noobie seriously
  4. Thanks be to eberyone involved in making this great MOD I have a request: please fix the rotating sky problem. And yes... I have read the faq and totally uninstalled ATI Catalyst, but am using driver version 9-4_xp32_dd (cuz it's the last Theif I/II-friendly driver for ATI) and I have an ATI Radeon 4850. Pleeeeease for the love of God, Satan or whatever entity you do/don't believe in fix this swirling, rotating, hypnotizing screen. Thanks in advance
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