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  1. Just saw the rope videos and just love them Just like the rest of the whole mod!!!! There was never a mod which got my interest. I might not be posting often in the forum, but visiting the main page frequently. A nice week to everyone!!!!!
  2. Hi there I'm a member at www.thief-thecircle.com which is I think the biggest thief community on the web. And I just wanted to ask if there's any reason they don't post news of the dark mod. I mean that it could be the only good Thief after Thief 2 and they never say anything about it. And if you'd look for support, you could reach MANY users there. I first wanted to ask here before posting something in the thief forum. And by the way...I can't be but impressed by all your work. If I just think of the coding, modeling etc. Big bravo.
  3. Garret

    German ?

    *gg* WEll, just give me a mail if you need any help :-)
  4. Without doubt Far Cry is one of the best games EVER. Graphics are awesome, Gameplay is very fun, it combines stealth with action, has vehicles and the AI is very good. Also it has one of the best Editors ever. It's so easy creating a huge jungle with everything. Just love it.
  5. Garret

    German ?

    Hi there I'm from germany and my english is usually quite good. Just wanted to ask if you could have need of a translator once in a while, either for translatin manual or whatever into german or the other way around. Until now I've translated the Far Cry Manual so I've got a bit of experience. And one other thing...I love your mod up to now. The last Thief game sucked and I realy hope you can bring back the old style. Especially Rope Arrows ;-)
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