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  1. Oh my frickin’ GAWD!!! I cannot believe something as STOOPID as this has messed me up so badly and pushed me into roping others into a pointless chase for help! After all of this, I went through my keybinding configuration again and found that when I was reassigning keys for screenshots and quick-save / quick-load I had looked right past the fact that it had mistakenly taken the left-click as my binding instead of the key I had intended!!! Until looking at these log files I hadn’t even bothered to look at the bindings because I was CONVINCED they were correct!!!!
  2. Okay... So.. I was curious and started poking around the log files you guys had me collect. And it looks like all is well up to the point the player spawns, and then it seems to be trying to load a quicksave!?!?!???? WTF!?!?? Why???? Okay, yáll know this game and it's parameters and logs better than I do, so I'll continue to poke around a bit and see what sense I can make of things whilst I wait on feedback from you more knowledgeable folks! THANKS!
  3. The mission I tried first and have tried the most was the training mission. I kinda always use that as my starting point - it's a good mission to get a feel for the performance of a computer and configuration I find and shows off a lot of the basics. And of course it gives you the space you need to have a good look around. I also tried one of the other bundled missions before then trying to download a whole bunch of others, thinking that perhaps it had something to do with an issue with the bundled missions themselves. No. No command line parameters. Only thing that was changed
  4. Not entirely sure if this will help as it didn't prompt me to "click attack" to start the mission. It's only at that point that the crash occurs. I do seem to load into the mission just before that - I get the typical first-person view with the light-gem down bottom, then the prompt to "click attack" and then the crash. Nevertheless... Followed instructions and herewith the files! mycondump1.txt mycondump2.txt
  5. As per earlier: Used the in-game mission downloader to grab a whole fistful of missions to try, and that worked perfectly. Until I tried to start the missions, of course. In addition, I did edit the cfg file to use uncompressed textures as I thought the mission load-times were a little ludicrous. Both actions above were done without any restriction. Buuuuut: Just to be thorough: I went to check permissions and all looked fine. Just to be safe (and despite my own ID being the folder owner) I added my own userID explicitly with all (full control) permissions. STILL no dice! S
  6. Hey guys. Recently got me an updated computer to play on and so, of course, installed TDM and have been itching to try it out on the new system. UNFORTUNATELY, every single time I try to load up ANY mission, I get kicked immediately after hitting "attack" post mission-load to actually enter the mission / game, and the error message is always the same: "Failed to load savegame." Latest and updated Windows 10 Pro. Intel i9 9880H; ATI Radeon 5500M 4GB; 16GB RAM. Loaded onto internal SSD (C:) under a unique folder. I have, of course, used the installer to download and
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