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  1. So, who is so super excited as me ? (Sorry, don't know how to post YT vid)
  2. Thanks for reply, freyk. I'm afraid its not my language settings, as i tried to press all the keys on my keyboard and their combinations with Shift. Besides, i am aware of that ttlg thread, and neither Ctrl+P nor binding console to different key in user.cfg works for me, which leads me to believe it may be an issue with Wine. A lot of times, some features in games running through Wine won't work, even if game itself works fine. Thats why i want to hear from Linux users here, who have SS2 installed, if their console is working. Its not even about console anyway, if i can get Psi abilities oth
  3. Strange Attractor. Apoptosis. Exocortex. The Copenhagen Interpretation. But i am good at creating funny band names, too :-) Cloaca Ravioli The Shenanigans The Oxy Morons Jihadi Moses (okay, okay, i know. Forget about this one).
  4. Hi guys, i just decided to replay System Shock 2 again , this time on Linux as this is what i use atm. First, i got troubles making mods work but already figured it out (Blue Mod manager was the answer). What i am having issues with is Psi abilities. On my previous playthroughs, i never used them. But i want to explore this feature now, and this is where i need some guidance. Few questions follow: 1. How do i actually get these abilities when i am already into the game (i have chosen these "courses" at the beginning blindly, because i was simultaneously testing the mods and editing .cfg), so
  5. well, i myself never experienced spinning sky, but most of FMs never gets past the loading screen... then i get "Doom3 has stopped working" error. Strange thing, this happened with most of FMs, but not all of them. But now everything works fine. Thanks for your research and posting, Dram. I just checked all missions which didn´t worked earlier and they load up properly. For the record, i have Win7 x86, ATI HD5570, Catalyst 10.9
  6. in fact, you can easily disable cat. AI in any ATI card by ATT. Considering those cheap cards, i have HD5570 myself, pretty low performance in TDM. In "Score to settle" i got around 20 fps, in some parts of NHAT it falls below 10, so don't expect smooth gameplay. I suspect that the nVidia of your buddy will do better.
  7. OOps, sorry for misleading. Wasn´t intended to trick you. Exactly what was i trying to say
  8. I had not high expectations for game, created by Eidos Montreal who wrecked Splinter Cell Conviction pretty badly, but decided to give it a try... such a die-hard fan i am. Ran it rather with curiosity than anything else, and i had three hours gaming blast... not happened since TNM. To say it loud and clearly: this game is pretty good. Carries on the original game's franchise, and everything from visuals to gameplay pays hommage to original. Let's set up my personal answers to your probably frquent questions: Q: Hows about that nasty yellow outlining and onscreen dumb instructions ? A: Altho
  9. That's good point there. I myself had ATT installed with cat. AI disabled within before installed that latest driver, probably this did the trick. ATT is much more usable tool than CCC, indeed. It has all the settings i was used to with nVidia, plus more.
  10. I´ll second that: how ? There are many young players, which in fact like brutallity and gore in games (and movies), that´s because of their age. They think its "cool". As grownups, we do not need it to be there anymore, ´cause nothing seems so "cool" about it. In fact, we even do not notice it. At least, i dont. Your post rather surprised me. I don´t see nothing "extremely" violent in TDM FMs. All violence falls within acceptable mantinels. When PranQster released his mission, warning about "graphical violence" contained, i asked after playing: where that promised violence was ? i didn´
  11. sure. nbohr: thanks for that tip. EDIT: just for the record, most recent driver (Catalyst 11.8 preview driver) works with TDM right out of the box, no disabling needed. And now, just to find out how to boost openGL performance
  12. You´re right, there was hint of red with nVidia too. If it´s game specific i´ll just forget it. Thanks for clarification. What about that TDM crashes... i can reproduce it anytime i get to that point... is it known issue with ATI or is it just me ? Also, there are very few settings within CCC... compared to nVidia control panel. Can anyone recommend some tweaker app ? With nVidia, you had options like: -number of frames to render ahead, "digital vibrance" in color settings, detailed AA/AF settings ...kinda miss those.
  13. Sorry to confuse you, this was meant for Dirt3, so i just wanted to know if such issues are common with ATI... you don´t wanna waste your time trying to solve another game issues, do you ? Back on topic. Just played Score To Settle for a while, in Sykes room, when i got into attic, game crashes to desktop... sadly, i wasn´t there before with nVidia, so i can´t tell if its FM related or my VGA related... looks this way: game freezes, when i hit ESC i get into desktop, there´s that "Doom3.exe has stopped working" window... i suppose this crashing issue was already covered, if so, wou
  14. Hi taffers, my old Geforce 8800GTS finally went to silicone heaven, and as i don´t play games anymore (except for THE game itself, TDM ) i decided to purchase some sort of low-profile, low budget, low power consumption, low TDP card. I´ve chosen Sapphire Radeon HD 5570 (GDDR3, 128b) as it fits my 50Eur budget. I was aware that there are issues with catylyst AI, but i learned that disabling catalyst AI solves that. So i just installed the card and drivers, did quick gaming tests to see how much graphic power i did lose compared to g80, and overall i am pretty happy with the card. Its qui
  15. Congrats on release, and thanks ! I had great fun with this, no complaints.
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