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  1. I don't even need to read this a apologize. People that are weak in prison suck dicks to get by, this is fucked up and I took its as lots of people fucking with me telling me to suck their dick, I would rather cut it off and hand it to them. I never went to prison but have heard this constantly in jail and hospitals and it pisses me off (hey bob want to slob on my knob, hey I will give you a joint if you suck my dick on and on). Somehow a person that resembles me sucked dicks in Folsom State Penitentiary to survive, and this is the reason for the jokes about sucking a dick. To be honest I thought this was made to fuck with me with the suck my dick at the end. If you heard the fucked up crap that has been said about me by perfect strangers, you may at least forgive me. here are some of my supporters: https://encyclopediadramatica.rs/You I am surprised I have not been banned and I feel like I should. Please, please forgive me, seeing how you guys haven't banned me I cannot believe I wrote this. Yeah I forgot the Xbox.
  2. After actuality grimacing through this video, why was the last thing said in this - "Suck Dick"? Does sucking a dick have any aspect in the game, I don't understand, why the term Suck Dick is even in a thief like game. Do you think sucking a dick is a cool thing to say, have you been in prison and were asked to suck a dick or are you one of those white boys that think being a negro is cool. Do you play games to enjoy or are you above all developers and make videos of their lessor works so you can say "Suck Dick" like a 12 year old with the wisdom of a mentally challenged 8 year old negro. You gave my adulterated hate, thank you for making a summery of the game industry to the phrase "Suck Dick". too bad I cannot give you pink eye but I am not a god. never will be or 80% of all humans would disappear. You can label me a troll or whatever, but the fact that you made that video makes you a subhuman or mentally challenged and that is not a place to be missed. I can be evil as sin and this is one way to do this, I hope you find a way to avoid the demons that will shove a dick down your thought. You people may hide behind an IP but upon further inspection that will not save you. There are those that I will bind their arms and legs with Ethernet cable and cut a 1-2 " incision in their belly at which poit they will bleed in pain for days, that blood will be delivered to their relatives as an offering and as a repute of the foul they have given birth to. Your site was a good thief type site but this subhuman wannabe negro pile of shit is all I can handle. Pray I don't find you maggot, you will be tortured to death as previously mentioned, and in hell you are a worm and known to all. Time for my meds.
  3. You are a wise and kind man. Thank you for not ripping my reality down to what would be nonsense. Unfortunately I wish I could believe everything will be good, but my enemy is always plotting against me, if it was not for god I would be living under a bridge. I would like to retire to a good psychiatric hospital for the rest of my life, I have always felt normal and save in mental institutions, but the days of my teens and mental institutions are over. They will try to break me if I return, they have already tried but failed. 61/2 years 1995-2002 they mentally tortured me in state hospitals, and I at the time could not understand why. F*** this is getting depressing.
  4. My baby daughter was killed in this way or maybe eaten I can only piece together so much. The angel of death saved her and she was raised away from me. How Danzig believes killing my baby daughter is a thing to praise is up to the the lords of the underworld to determine, unless I try some bloodletting myself if given the opportunity. I have a large list of people I plan to have a long talk with someday - if given the opportunity. those people will regret it. I may have a demon female or two watching out for me, this is from the birthright of my father, these women are not my slaves and never will be. This is the talk of a schizophrenic - but in my case it is and everyone knows it is true. I walked into a psychiatric office, that earlier in the month the staff spit in my oatmeal and the apple juice was urine. anyway I have been to an adolescent psychiatric hospital 5 times as a teen and 4 times as an adult. So I lay it on the line (no longer under forensic psychiatric hold the last 16 years) I do not want to list it all, but at the end from what I said I was deemed psychotic, that's all fine and dandy, but I forgot to ask the question I hate myself for not asking and that was - "What If it is real" - what would it be then. Well I know i should be insane after it all, but even though I am not socially appropriate at times I am completely sane. Sorry for the way this topic has gone but I can say I am being truthful and would have no Idea why I would make this all up. It just brought up the bastard who made a clone of me and put me in 1800s sometime and this clone was literally Jack the Ripper, so this person who put me there is watching it all happen with happen with his cameras - but on being a different wavelength that cannot be seen, so he does not stop it and sits and watches it happen. Now the clone is not me I am here at 49 right now. but guess who gets all the blame ME, the guy that's writing this at 49 years old. He put me there watched it happen and gets 0% blame. That's why the Rosie and Jack the Ripper references pissed me off. I has a DA directly not give me parole because I was playing Thief 3 at the time with the gas lamps and sneaking around with a knife. She only thought of my clone being Jack the Ripper and the butchering of women - yeah at 37 years old in California. She tore me apart for this in court - but of course there was no mention of the truth of it but it was obvious. illegal Clone-maker / clone monitor gets 0% blame. This sick F*** hovers over my bed at night i cannot lay with my head toward the ceiling because I can only see in my mind this face is 10" from my face looking directly at me. Think what you want but this is real and at times such as "Rosie" in the scull mission just pisses me off.
  5. what were they like,I have thought of tricking one into to thinking I am in love with them and then send them back to hell without my soul, or even better - commanding them as being a major demon myself, they will be bound to me, to watch movies with me and drink beer and listen to the master demon Danzig, believe me he is the one to watch out for. Not many people know this, but he has the mark of the beast on his left tit. this was how he bragged about killing my baby in his "Last caress" song, he dumped my baby down a port a potty and wrote a song of praise about it. My mark is only known to animal kind, they know who I am but people do not have the sense that animals are born with. This is somehow true, don't ask me why. Every thing I sad was true, only danzig is obviously human not a demon of any kind and Marilyn Manson only wishes he was the antichrist. Only the birthright of an evil god such as, Death, Baal, or the master of hell himself Satan, all the sacrifices and garbage I would believe mildly amuses them. Birthright is everything. I want to be a shepherd in New Zealand and only sheer my sheep - no slaughter of the innocent, and also work with my computer of course and be surrounded by animals, and be accepted in a community where I do not have to worry if they spit in my food at the local diner. I would love to eat bread and cheese and be at Peace than lead a group of lesser demons to torture my enemies. A simple facet of evil is there is a larger evil That will devour that and that evil will soon be devoured by a another. I would always choose peace over power.
  6. I have this picture in my head of a man around in the late 1800's that used to hang around in the White Chapel district in London, well I may not know Jack but I know of a woman with a name of Rosie in the scull mission, I think this person had something to do with a Woman named Rosie back then too, and may have had a prostitute mother. OK enough of the Jack the Knife or Ripper or whatever references, his crimes were not something to be joked around about. I have hired women of the night myself put bluntly, but i treat them with respect if they are respectable. I also have this Idea that someone was around at these times watching this and did not stop it for some reason, for the sake of history maybe.
  7. Try here https://www.gog.com/game/thief_3, I bought this just to make my video of my FM, so it works. Way out of my league.
  8. Other than those on fixed income and badly in debt, the debt being my own fault of course. Last hard liqueur I had was called Presedente Brandy that was on sale and tasted like turpentine, I thought it was a cut above EJ, Christian Brothers or Korbel as a mid quality brandy, but it would have make a better Molotov cocktail instead. It was on my counter almost a month with a few drinks here and there until I decided to finish it one night, It decayed the roof of my mouth, and I am not joking. I like to stick with good beer when I can. I am happy I quit smoking, but more happy I am not an alcoholic. I have all three GOG Thief games installed, i will look up NewDark, I did play thief 2 not too long ago and it ran fine. Thief 1 and 2 were harder to play on XP if I remember
  9. Everyone on this site agrees or they would not be reading this. I do like AAA games but Thief 1 and 2 is like a 100 year old bottle of Scotch, that is so hard to acquire, leading to purchasing some Canadian Mist or Jim Beam or whatever would be commonplace. So you and I and many others here will play that rare game on hard once in a year or so, but in the meantime we have all the rest. I did not watch too much due to spoilers in Thief 4. This could also be said for Morrowind to Oblivion (no pun intended). I had a ring, necklace, boots and other things that would allow me to walk in the air across the map with levitate enchantments, when I started I accidentally killed a shopkeeper when I clicked on an object and she attacked me, so that store was my new home, I had armor, weapons, arrows and other things collected laid out on her counters. The game was a true sandbox, you could do anything in the game. Oh and guess who started DLC. This was the easiest way to rake in the money, just leave out something that they already had then tease them with it and get $50.00 more for your game with little $10.00 bits of things every gamer knows was already conceived when the game was made. Now we have In-Dev games at full price, oh and my favorite: Standard Edition $50.00 Hero Edition $60.00, Royal Edition $ 80.00 and Ultimate Edition $90.00. All thanks to Bethesda and Horse Armor. I believe this was the precursor to milking gamers for extra money.
  10. OK I did not mean anything close to an unplayable game as some games are, and don't take overthink too harshly, I am talking about stopping a movie every 5 minutes with commentary of how that could not happen or that's impossible do to this that or that. I will not watch a terrible movie or play a terrible game, but Alien 3 (i just started to watch all 4 of them in the collectors set) and thief 4 are mediocre, they are not bad to me. Overthinking or maybe expecting too much especially remakes and how it stacks up to the prequels, (Thief 4 is not even close to the others I know) especially the games that were cult classics or just plain amazing, if you count all the ways it does not stack up, then the prequels the game will be garbage - but I you play the game as a single entity then maybe the game will be fun, scary or whatever the genre that it was intended to be. Thief 4 is not a sequel anyway, but is a ripoff of Dishonored, and other than the 5 tower thing I have enjoyed most of it. One thing that pisses me off is how you just open a door or secret door or window without asking if you want to enter a new level here or there and instead you are not presented with an option and are starting a new level with no way back to finish what you wanted to do in the previous level, and then the autosave saves after you have entered the next level, I also lost an hour of play do to this system and trying to get back to where I was before the new level starts. This was of course the chapter Dirty Secrets and the secret door. And why the teenager cussing in the game, this made me stop paying attention to a cut scene because Basso was fucking cussing about some shit - this should not be in a game of this time period or a fantasy game either. I cuss like a sailor all day but this is not a game to have that in it.
  11. I have found the only way to really enjoy a game like this is to not OVERTHINK it. I do this with every Sci-Fi or Horror movie or TV I watch, and every time I overthink it I end up ruining it for myself, unless I have had the appropriate amount of beer.
  12. I have to say i would like to contribute like I said with models, but learning the baking procedure, and fooling around with .DDS and normal maps, is probably be more useful if I were designing a mission and uploading prefabs that I am making for a mission (if that's what they are still called) in an ongoing project with Dark Mod, I have the aluminum arcade cab design waiting and I am still trying to design an almost perfect flight sim setup, the latest being a panel with up to 80 large labeled and back lit keys from X-keys. just a metal frame with a nice lian Li type brushed aluminum plate over the structure. Like I said I hop around from project to project, so anyway I like your mod and hope the best for your content, and besides I would probably be the guy just below mediocre, as I am more into designing modern real life content.
  13. OK I have a confession to make, I remember only the Classic Thief guys take on Thief 4 from a long while back, so instead of asking if Thief 4 is that bad, I should have collected more recent info and asked "Opinions" instead. What happened is; I have had my Thief 3 FM for so long (2007) I decided (thanks to GOG) to load up the editor and make a video of it. It's not great but I think that the FM is to be played not watched, there was far more that were not included in the video., and its unfinished state, without servants and guard quarters of which the guards quarters was a key place to progress the player further, and obviously the lack of NPC's in the front quarters, i was still proud of it and I spent almost a year on it, trying to perfect it. Then I made the video and remembered my Dark Mod project (2010) - the raw unfinished entrance as it were- and decided to make a video of it as well. As the sewer entrance goes even that was unfinished and I had way more going on in my map out of about 2000 saves - I could not find the latest - so I made a video of what I had. I even tried to use some projection on the sewer walls so the player could see caustics rippling on the walls from the sewer water - never got it to work. My Thief 3 mission if nothing else it is fun and the guards are funny as I fool around in the back quarters Because of all the secret doors I would have a no killing on even easy level, the player has too may places to hide and leave the guards little room to work with. So here am all "Tthiefy" (yeah that sounds dumb), I had also played thief 2 about a year ago as well, but never finished. So where to turn from there, Oh yeah I have Thief 4, but then I was remembering the mediocre reviews and the fact that the Thief fans did really like it too much. So I open my big mouth and make this thread. Well I am here to say I am really enjoying the Clock Tower hub thing and the freedom to explore the city at the moment. So I Guess I should have done more research before naming this thread to "Is it that bad" to instead "any fresh opinions on it". And I did not even know I had a mini-map until I looked up some key bindings. BTW I have assigned take down to the middle mouse button, and seems to be faster to do it this way. I played for 8 hours with a dinner break, and I need to see my dentist in 6 hours with no sleep. So I am Addicted. Just found out that this game was after Dishonored and that this game is a shameless copy of that. I still enjoy it, but its hard to believe with the content so far being so alike its just wrong.
  14. Sorry for any misunderstanding, but the sword was an art project that needed to be redone in a castle tower and the hilt needs to be redone as well. I got my inspiration from Black Blade from Blue Oyster Cult, but the sword was to be called Demon Slayer as the gems would glow red when in the company of demons (even though I am technically a demon myself). This was never to be put in a game engine I just added it here to show I can model and this particular model was done in 2006. Never did baking, but I have some instructional videos I could learn with, and I realize the doom 3 engine is not based on poly's but on triangles as is almost all renderers and 3D engines. I am so used to keeping quads for subdivision that I forget it all comes down to triangles. So again, can you please give me a project, so I can get started, I know the start of the thread had the models needed but this is page 6 and I would like a request. OK how about an old tavern sign complete with the wood holding it up. I know nothing with a burrick in the name. I will start my video to brain training for game modeling.
  15. Here's the Thief Gold Training and the Thief: Deadly Shadows :Training Thief Gold: Thief 3: Deadly Shadows:
  16. i must be confusing this with the demo. I remember jumping mattering, sneaking and the rest, for training with the keepers, but I do not remember playing Baffords's manor in a demo. Thief 3 had a very good tutorial as well. I just remember taking out all the guards with the blackjack and piling their 10 polygon bodies I a dark spot. I also remember "a throne room, how pretentious can you get". Thief 4 is so similar to dishonored that I really enjoyed it, although I thought there were 4 difficulty levels and master was the second to the last, but the last was custom. I do like the voice of the main character, not garret but good- a bit Brooklyn accent if you listen with good headphones, which is always weird in a game set in the past or an entirely fiction story. Like the show Lucifer with the English accent, it does fit him but after a millennia or many millennial's of existence I an surprised he would have any modern accent. at all and then whatever that would sound like.
  17. Depends on what want, these are things I can do, Let me know and I will make it, poly count also, If subdivision is needed. If you look at my small video of a very unfinished mission, the arches I made - I made this for my mission back in 2009: Meant to mirror in the editor, poly count 2642. Please look at my entrance to my mission and skip ahead to the courtyard where I used these arches, meant for the player to be able to jump out. Oh and I needed to a lot of work on my sword, but I first wanted to setup the location and I never got around to it:
  18. For those with similar tastes, Fear the Walking Dead "died" last Sunday, but The Strain to my surprise started this Sunday.
  19. OK, I admit these images of mine are Arch Viz based on lighting. But I can do a few models here and there with skins applied or not. I a have a lot of different types of modeling I can do with subdivision box modeling or even a simple loft or lathe or whatever. Unwrapping UV's are my week point, so a simple multi sub object UV would be fine, with a bump or displacement map to add detail. no big deal, and I suppose turning procedural materials and textures would have to be normal maps for dds support in game. Now that I think about it, turning a procedural noise map, to a bitmap or dds, would have to be done, possible with a plugin or just make any kind of map that is procedural on a plane 90 degree in an orthographic view, then render and save the file as .TGA ..DDS, whatever the engine uses - I remember doing this before for some reason. Its just easier to adjust a noise map for use of displacement, bump or normal map. Just the right power of 2 texture map and poly limit would be all I would need.
  20. Well mission lockdown, was good and very similar to Dishonored's first map with all the sick folks laying around. just need to keep a save before going around what would be the end of the current mission, so as not to jump to the next mission and miss exploring the rest of the current mission. As usual I come up short on loot and special loot, and was considered: This way played at master - I don't know why the screen has no mention of it. I love to knockout all guards and hide them ever since Thief the Dark Project, then I jump around the mission making all the noise I want and saying to myself "I own this place" or the days I thinks is spelled "pwn". Except for the skeletons and zombies I had to reserve resources to get by these guys
  21. OK here's what I figured: Thief 1 and 2 mission "watch the next brilliant video before the mission brief https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dj3948yVzxs no sound but the idea is there and that may never be reproduced, then narrated by Garret his mission brief, load out, and "finish the mission - period" I have played a lot of late 80' and beyond RPGs, and the puzzles and finding this key or what do I do to progress or I cannot continue (without the walkthroughs on the internet) I have hated that, cryptic illogical nonsense that stopped the game in it's tracks. This would be another exception to having some type of aid. By the mid 90's the games seemed easily enough that the hand holding (with the devil - sorry just popped in my head) was not necessary, until the huge game worlds were introduced. I may be able to turn off the HUD, but the start of the game had me quickly following whatever her name was, its much more cinematic and the lack of "do the mission" Dishonored had this for the most part. So I am about to go play it and see if I have more freedom in the levels or areas or whatever. I have a 3.3GHz i7 3960x and a 1080 GTX so in the heat of the day I cannot play with my CPU shooting out 128 degrees, and my GPU shooting out 140 degrees with a well ventilated PC, and I have no air conditioner. I just thought of something, i am sure you all know komag, and his amazing tutorials for here and Thief3edit. Well I bought his 6 CD or DVD massive thief FM's tutorials, editors, and the like and found out he lives in my county. So Komag come have a beer with me, and thank you for the massive help in your tutorials. Anyway just say hi to him for me, I still have his tutorials printed and kept in binders to this day.
  22. Sometimes developers put what I call player clip (something I learned with Half Life 2's Hammer editor) just to save time and effort to get the game out, some games are so linear that you think you are playing Dungeon Master. I like to explore the levels or missions to find different approaches to the destination, like the way Deus Ex was famous for. If you can turn off the "right here 2m" then that would be better in a game that is already linear enough, from what I have seen so far in Thief 4, but in huge games such as Morrorwind it can be a bit hard to pinpoint where to look for this or that, now if it had Oblivion's marker system then I would have not spent 2 days trying to find a necklace for some woman. Maybe game developers cater to children or lazy teens, I don't know but I know they cater to the X-box and PlayStation where people turn on auto aim on - Yeah auto aim. I think that the first 2 Thief games would not have sold that many copies for the N64 or PS2, it's an acquired taste for sure. Now every game is cross platform (except indie games) and has to have this or that to be right for this or that console while not pissing off the PC gamer's too much. I know that the console is probably a higher market and you also do not have to add all the code for all of the different hardware, such as sound card, video card, physics system and so on. I have no consoles, I had a PlayStation 3 for a month to play baseball and Football games, and I had a genesis in 92 that I will nor curse at because it was a good console and also all I could afford as the time and the 386 (the cheapest compared at the time of the 484) IBM compatibles were around $2,000 with a monitor. I don't dislike console players I just don't like consoles, but the hand holding way too may cut scenes are for the console players. BTW who uses a x--Box 360 for FPS games who did not play thief 2 or even Half Life, it has to be hard to aim - without auto aim on at least
  23. Yes i been using this site from 2007. This is the link I tried to vote on, but could not find any links to vote.
  24. Yeah, i was thinking of the Through The Looking Glass Thief fan site - this site and that site are thief fan sites and so that was the first thing I thought. I type TTLG, in my search engine so TTLG was to me Through The Looking Glass, sorry about that. Still though I could not find a place on the included link to vote. I clicked on many buttons and they did not go anywhere, and I did not say this was a phishing site I said "I am sorry but it has so many links or buttons that go nowhere it reminds me of a phishing site" Yeah that was not spell checked. Sometimes I type so fast that I get ahead of myself, most forums have a decent spell check but sometimes I have to google it. BTW I have an 8th grade education - spent about 1or 2 weeks in high school, I was in group homes from 14 - 18 and I was a bit of an idiot back then so no high school education can result in some spelling errors sorry about that. i wanted to help and vote (if I did not care about helping someone out I would have ignored the thread after reading it) but I could not find a vote link anywhere. donate and other links I think worked, but no stand out VOTE HERE. So I am sorry for the misunderstanding.
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