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  1. I have another question. I am trying to get a ATDM:Mover_door_sliding to make a stone moving sound when opening and when closing. I have the sound picked out but when it opens it has the sound the entire 10 seconds (move_time 10) I want it to move, but the sound closing doesn't start until it is within ms of closing. I don't Know how to get a stim/response working. I tried to put a frob stim to play a sound, but I don't have a clue what I am doing! Does anybody have any ideas? Thank You.
  2. I just wanted to tell you that I went and caulked all the unseen faces, and it did a help a little, but what helped mostly is not having 2 lights radius' overlap. I actually have more lights in the map, and i get better performance by keeping all the radius's separate. Another question for later, does the darkmod do volume light. Thanks guys.
  3. Just wanted to thank you for the help guys.
  4. I got a few questions about performance, I did read the article on the wiki too. 1) I have 700 brushes now and I am sure that there are 1200 or more faces that will not be seen (not ones closing the void of course). So before I spend all day painting faces with caulk. I would like to know if it is worth the trouble? I read the small caulk page on the wiki, but it didn't really tell me much. 2) I have a couple of arch models, and want to know if I can make a visportal between the brushes on either side of the arches, but which will also be going through the models? I don't know if visportals can go through models or not. 3) If I have some trim, say buttresses on a wall supporting the roof, and I make them func_static with noclipmodel 1, can i build a collision brush around them just in case a arrow hits them? Instead of 15 brushes or patches with built in clipping, I would put in noclipmodel 1 and just put 1 brush around the entire thing and put a collision, or player clip texture on it.
  5. Yeah I should have tried it before posting, because I can already climb on and go through it as it is. I thought that maybe I would need either a collision mesh or a collision brush, like in halflife 2's hammer editor. The thing now is subobject materials. I did a little fooling around with the model to put a blacker texture around the base of the arch. So I go into darkradiant and it looks good, no problem. In the darkmod however the bottom texture is tiled over the entire thing! Don't know why.
  6. I have another question. If I was to put a a few brushes around a concave model and give it the collision material. Would this be enough for the player to stand on and or go through, like a square tunnel model of sorts. Thank You, you guys have been extremely helpful!!
  7. Oh my god, I finally have a texture. Thank you very much!! Funny thing is, you mentioned an arch as a model in a previous post, that was going to be my first model, once I found a way models into darkmod. thanks again!
  8. Got it, just had to change the entry used_by to used_by1 and click apply. thank you - Fidcal funny thing is that I actually was doing your personal tutorial and was stuck, because i was looking for another property named used_by1. Thanks again.
  9. How do I add another key to the used_by property for locked doors. Do i just put another in the text box like: [used_by] - [Key_01; Key_02] and so on, just separating them with a ; or something. Thank You.
  10. I had an old copy of Deep Exploration on my hard drive. So I installed it and brought my .ASE into it and exported it as lightwave 6 .LWO, and I still don't know where to put the texture for the .LWO. Can you give a simple explanation on how to export a .LWO out of Deep Exploration with the right settings and where to put my texture and or material files, so I can finally look at anything but "shader not found"? This may sound crazy but is it possible to texture a model in the editor? You know, select a face somehow and and apply a texture from the game. I know it sounds impossible, but I am willing to try anything. Thank You.
  11. Quote I do the modeling in 3ds max, export to ASE and then use Deep Exploration for coverting from ASE to LWO. Works great, cause you don't have to change anything in ASE text file. All you need to do is to name your material in MAX - but you don't need to apply any textures. (though you usually do to see model textured before you export, but it's only the name of material matters). Sorry I don't know how to make those fancy quote boxes! I exported a model out of 3ds max as a .3DS, then opened it up in polytrans, and exported out as a .LWO. I brought it in hoping the texture was somehow baked in. Instead I got the missing shader material and couldn't find a way a place to put the texture so the editor would see it. By the way, the reason i am so interested in modeling in 3ds max, is that when I did my fm in T3Ed I was told not to go crazy with too many brushes, for performance reasons, and that static meshes are more optimal (especialy when I make huge maps!) in the engine. I can make a lot out of patches, but I don't think that having hundreds of them in a map is very optimal, but i don't know.
  12. I just had a thought about doing my models in lightwave. is there any tutorials on getting a model out of lightwave and into darkmod? I messed around with lightwave about 5 years ago, but put it aside because the interface was too crazy and I was accustomed to 3ds Max. If it is not a long drawn out process to getting a model into darkradiant with all the textues, I might give it a try. I am actually used to T3Ed and would continue working with that, but it is way too unstable, and I don't have the patients for constant crashes. This is the main reason I am trying darkradiant because of its stability. I have this feeling that darkmod will not touch any folders in the darkmod folder and that it will only look at the .PK4's, maybe this can be fixed I don't know. But I am really excited about darkmod right now, because of the stability of the editor, so I would consilder using lightwave.
  13. Sorry guys nothing seems to work. The only way to get a texture of any kind on my models is to put //base/{any file in tdm_models02.pk4 in the directory of dds\models\darkmod\props\textures\some.dds} such as //base/bc_lampglass3nc - which is in the tdm_models02.pk4 in the directory of dds\models\darkmod\props\textures\ when i do this i get a texture. actually like i said any .dds in that directory works - and if i extract the tdm_models.pk4 in the dark mod folder and move the pk4 file somewhere else i get no texture. let it be known that i did try all the suggestions in the posts (thank you) and read all the material and modeling pages on the darkwiki, but i give up! hopefully someone will write a tutorial. Thanks Again.
  14. Thanks for the help. I am sorry crispy about the -1 on your post, I hit it in accident trying to scroll down on my mouse wheel, and I couldn't find a way to erase it! I got the material part down, the only problem is where to put the material, that isn't in the default .PK4 file. I think that's my main problem. no matter where i put it, darkradiant does not find it. let me try to explain better as I am sure I sound pretty dumb i have a material in: "D:\doom 3\darkmod\materials\my_material.mtr" so then my ASE should logically, say: "*BITMAP "//darkmod [my darkmod root] /materials [my material folder]" my texture file is in: "D:\doom 3\darkmod\textures\my_image_file_1.dds" then my material file in "D:\doom 3\darkmod\materials\my_material.mtr"should say darkmod/materials/my_material { qer_editorimage textures/darkmod/my_image_file_1 // editor image diffusemap textures/darkmod/my_image_file_1 // diffuse map bumpmap textures/darkmod/my_image_file_1 // normal map specularmap textures/darkmod/my_image_file_1 // specular map } See if you can edit this the right way for me and that will probably work best. I just had a thought that my doom 3 folder is doom 3 - instead of doom3 - I know komags tutorial said something about this. i will try doom3 and that may be one of the problems. Thanks Again. and sorry again for the -1 crispy.
  15. First I want to thank you for your reply crispy. I don't really understand where to put the material file to be read by the engine I have tried the following folder "D:\doom 3\darkmod\materials" directory with no luck. I have put in standard darkmod material files such as "tdm_models_nature.mtr" just to see if it would work and no matter what i put in the ASE file such as: *BITMAP "//base/materials/tdm_models_nature" *BITMAP "//darkmod/materials/tdm_models_nature" However if i put in just: *BITMAP "//base/textures/darkmod/wood/boards/dark_rough" out of a standard darkmod ASE model, I get a material or texture. I don't even know where that material file is but i found some ASE's pointing to a doom 3\darkmod\dds\models\darkmod\props\textures .dds file using windows search - but if i put that .dss in my material folder and point the ASE to: *BITMAP "//base/materials/some_dds" *BITMAP "//darkmod/materials/some_dds" *BITMAP "//materials/some_dds" I get no material or texture. I really need to know what exactly i put in the ASE at the line: *BITMAP "_______________ If i have a doom 3\darkmod\material - folder - What do i write in it????? Thank you again.
  16. Hey, I'm new to the darkradiant editor and to doom 3 editor. I am accustomed T3ED, at least i was. Anyway I have a bunch of questions all pertaining to getting a ASE model out of 3DS Max and into the dark radiant editor for a mission. However first one simple question and then to the Model problem. I have been putting my models in the tdm_models01.pk4 by using 7z and then updating the archive. What I would like to know is if there is a way to have just a folder with all of the folder structure of the .pk4 somewhere in either darkmod or darkradiant root and not a .pk4 file so i can add and remove models or search the folder with windows search (bascically to just not have to open the zip and putting the file in and then rezipping the archive every time i want to change somthing) (and of course allowing the editor to see the folder)? Now for the modeling question. When I read the tutorials on model creation, It seems that it is not clear to me on where the model goes and where the texture goes. Model Question: Do I always put a model in the Doom 3\darkmod\tdm_models01.pk4 and then in the .pk4 say models\darkmod\ and then the type of model such as models\darkmod\Junk? Texture: Do I always put the texture for the model in Doom 3\darkmod\tdm_models02.pk4 and then in the .pk4 say \models\darkmod\props\. And then another thing i don't get is what to say in the ASE file, for example: ASE - *BITMAP "I dont know what to put here" - when it says - *BITMAP "//base/sign1" in one of premade ASE models that come with the package, I don't know what this means, I can only guess //base means the dark mod root folder, I don't really know. So what i don't know is if i have a model in Doom 3\darkmod\tdm_models01.pk4 - models\darkmod\junk where do i put the texture and what do i put in the ASE *BITMAP "Here" to point it to that texture? I hope you can help. Thank You.
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