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  1. Hmm... a bit difficult to find the right words for it. Maybe i should add this: The artworks where made by our concept artist ;-) I also think they are amazing ^^
  2. I guess thats a very wise advise, Diego ^^ Maybe something like this?
  3. Hi guy's, sorry my answer took so long! You all posted very useful informations, and i had a lot to think about it ^^ I overworked the text, but i'm still not sure if it's sufficient, but take a look for yourself: Well, anyway, with the current informations posted here, i think this thread will be a great help for anyone who's searching for team-members
  4. Very good tips Ok, to see if i learnt from your tipps, would you reply to such a post? Do you think this would have enough detail? Does it sound serious for you? Or is there anything you would express different?
  5. Well, this is more question to the TDM team, i hope i did choose the right forum. Have you got tipps for other teams how to acquire team members? Are there special things to keep in mind? How did you manage this? I think you have realy interesting experiences with this, so why not sharing them ^^ Thanks in advance. Best Regards Wakey
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