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  1. Kingo64


    Well from most of your opinions it looks like you would like it as a custom FM. I just like the feeling in games that I can piss off and do what I want for a while instead of not always being bound to a certain task at hand. Maybe think of something a bit like Assassin's Creed. But still. It would be nice to see a good strong community project. Working in a group makes jobs much easier and quicker and usually a greater experience. Oh well, I hope someone can make something like this.
  2. Kingo64


    I loved how in Thief 3 you could do as you please around the small and interlinking maps of the city. Stealing cheap loot, buying equipment or mucking around with the guard's AI.. Would it be possible if you could create free roam for TDM. Quests would be gained from talking to certain NPC's or at a hub such as a tavern. Any way, I would love to see this happen. This mod has a lot of potential and some very innovative features such as the lockpicking system.
  3. Yeah I managed to get mine to work too by deleting any file that seemed in any way unnecessary. It worked after I renamed my Doom 3 folder to Doom3.
  4. I would suggest using a program such as WinMerge to find differences in folders of files. Once we find out the specific file that causes this issue we could either patch it or simple find an easy solution for it such as keeping a backup ready. Also I could write a simple batch script which could do the work if I find out which files need to be deleted or moved.
  5. Hmm.. I have the same problem too... Doing a fresh install didn't help either. I get 165 warnings when I startup the mod. In the console I get the log WARNING: Couldn't load image: gui/assets/EVERYTHING
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