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  1. XP user here. I've been thinking of upgrading the OS for at least a year or two, but I was using my computer working on a big job-related thing for over the last half a year and didn't wan't to change horses mid-race, plus some unpleasant experiences with OS troubles in the past made me very skittish. If and when I change, it will definitely be Win 7, and I consider Linux or later version of Windows to be absolute no-nos for the foreseeable future.
  2. I've missed this mission when it came out, but I've just started playing it tonight, and I love it (even though I'm not really that fond of all-undead missions). However, I'm majorly stuck, and after reading through this thread I believe this might be because of a bug. So, here's the thing. I started playing, found enough loot, the Golden Book and the Scepter. The only thing left is to break Alberic's curse and go home. Only I'm clueless about Alberic's curse. Literally: I can't find any clues about how to do it. I thought the Golden Book's text might be a clue, something to do with an anvil-hammer-helmet sequence, but I didn't see anything in the mission that could be applicable. I came here, read the thread, and now I understand there's supposed to be a readable titled "Player's Notes", and another one (or maybe it's the same), a book of folklore, which is mentioned in the briefing. I also infer that these are supposed to be in your inventory when you start playing, and they're supposed to give you all the information you need to get started with the objective, which will involve getting a skull from the catacombs and dropping it in a basin. The only problem is, the readables are missing. When playing TDM 2.06, with the version of the mission that can be downloaded via the in-game system as of today, those readables are missing from you inventory when you start the mission. I've restarted the mission, this time on the lowest difficulty, to make sure it's not difficulty-dependent, and same result: no readable in your inventory. As far as I can tell, stgatilov's problem discussed further up this very page, in last December, seems to be exactly the same thing, and it didn't seem to be really addressed at the time. So now I'm raising the same issue: if these apparently plot-critical readables are supposed to be found in the mission, then could someone please explain, complely explicitly and in great detail, where exactly they're supposed to be? And if they're supposed to be in your inventory when you start, then this is a bug report: they're not there, at least not with this version of the mission in this version of TDM.
  3. Ah, I was referring to something Goldchocobo said upthread. EDIT: Also, thanks for the answers!
  4. Lovely campaign, even if unfinished. I have two questions about the 2nd mission, though. It's literally been years since its release, so I guess unspoilered is okay, and makes for better searchability in the future. I - How do I get food for for my bum friend? The only frobbable food items I've found are a loaf of bread and an apple on a table in the tavern, but these don't go into your inventory. Am I supposed to hold one in front of me (as a 3D object) and take it all the way to Harry like that? II - There's a warehouse with a LOT of crates on two levels, and a well-hidden locked crate inside. Where's the key to it?
  5. Well, I have: CPU: Intel dual core E7600, 2*3.06 Ghz RAM: 4 GB, but WinXP presently without 3GB mode in boot.ini, so only 2GB available to TDM Video card: NVidia GeForce 9600 GT OS: WinXP I can play most FMs fine. A few large ones crash unless I reboot the computer in 3GB mode first, though.
  6. Well, that seems to do it! I've done that, used F10 a good dozen times without any problems, then crowned it by doing a regular F9 quickload to promptly crash the game as usual. Rendering during quickload seems to be the problem. I see the binding was automatically saved in darkmod.cfg. I assume that I could just edit it to F9 (which is my preferred key) and delete the old line about F9, and it should work properly from now on, is that correct?
  7. Both multicore and uncap FPS are off, along with soft shadow. My darkmod.cfg is: I've just experimented a bit more, and it seems reasonably certain that the game only crashes for me if I try to load a game with the F8/F9 shortcut (I've remapped it to F9 which I like better, but I've also tried with F8, and that too causes a crash). There seems to be no crash at all when I load the game from the main menu, even if it's the same quicksave file.
  8. I followed your instructions, and here's what I got in the log file:
  9. Well, my previous problem was apparently solved with stgatilov's kind help, but now I have a different one. Roughly every... maybe third or fourth attempt at loading a savegame results in a crash to desktop. So far it always seems to manifest when quickloading, and so far it has never manifested while loading manually (even if it's a quicksave file), but to be fair, I haven't tried manually loading that often yet. This is occuring on a brand new installation of the game from scratch, on the FM "A new Job" that comes with the installation. Before I've reinstalled the game, it also happened in other FM's as well, also on 2.06. Haven't tried other missions on this new installation yet, but I expect it would be the same. All this is on WinXP, and nothing like this has ever happened with previous versions. Don't know what log file would be relevant, but Darkmod.log says:
  10. Well, here's something I just noticed. I'm using v0.62 of the updater, because newer versions than that don't run for me (maybe because I'm on an XP, not sure). Once I start downloading TDM 2.06 (with updater self-updating turned off), the 200-something megabytes of files get downloaded normally... then they immediately and without any sort of button-clicking or other input from the user start getting downloaded again. Ad infinitum, stuck in an infinite loop. It's as if the updater was getting an instruction of "now start again from the beginning" where it should receive "Job well done, stop." Question for a quick-fix: if I just downloaded the game directly from the website and installed it in the same directory where it is now, would that in any way mess up my library of FMs? EDIT: Having said that, I just tried running the program after simply shutting down the updater during the latest round of downloading. It seems to run, the bottom corner in the main menu says "2.06/32" and the training mission loads up and starts, so maybe the problem doesn't prevent the update from actually installing, it might be just the download that loops.
  11. I have to ask for some more help with this specific part. I'm standing exactly on the balcony. It's the place with signs of struggle, and Corbus says something like "this must be Wiverton's balcony" the first time I get there. You're saying I should, I quote: However, I cannot see ANY rope-able surfaces here anywhere within straight line of sight from the balcony! The closest rope-able thing is the wooden balcony to the door mentioned before, but that's the wrong side of the door. Where exactly am I supposed to shoot the rope arrow?
  12. A lovely mission, congratulations, Goldwell! I've just finished it, but will have to go back to a save and play more, because I'm missing several secrets and some 3,000 loot... I have a couple of questions:
  13. Ah, okay, I assumed they were like Thief 2 arrows. EDIT: And thinking back, I think I used up the item mentioned in the same place, since I've done something similar in similar locations.
  14. I just started playing this mission, and it's awesome! However, I think I've run into two bugs. - Vine arrows don't seem to work for me. I can shoot them, and if they hit a valid surface, they create green patches of plant growth... but there's no vine hanging down! Just to make sure I'm trying with the correct surface, I've also tried it on wood which works for normal rope arrows, but still nothing. This is with the recentmost version of TDM. - In the city area at the beginning, I got a [spoil]hand from a secret location, where I also got a fire arrow.[/spoil] Now I'm down underground, and I no longer seem to have the item in my inventory. I don't know when exactly it happened, but now I can cycle all the way through with [ and ], and it's just not there any more.
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