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  1. I have use mudbox in the past and it's a pretty solid program, but zbrush just seems to be the industry standard so I thought I'd use this as a means of breaking myself back into zbrush. Plus the actual sculpting itself seems to work better in zbrush imo..
  2. After some hopeless Wrangles with my faulty copy of zbrush I managed to find a way to get it back into zbrush 4.0. The newest version kept crashing all the time and i kept loosing work. I also found out that hard way that I should not import geometry into zbrush with n-gons as it fixes them unevenly.. thought I'd update you all... still chugging along and zbrush 4.0 seems to behave better to me.
  3. Springheel, maybe you should PM an email address which i can send the files. It's a light weight zip. EDIT: actually, I'll just attach it to a personal message
  4. Progress update: Mainly this one is just to show you that I've ironed out most of the normal problems and that I should be good to continue work on the high poly sculpt without any crazy looking problems. Next update will be the finished normal map and full screens instead of partial like I've showing here. Give us a shout if you'd like me to hand over the current work so you can begin skinning/rigging it.
  5. Oh man, Everything but the skull is mirrored. I think you're asking me to refit the whole UV, and that was difficult to do as it is. I would have been more eager to do that if you'd let me know before I UV'd but it wasn't in the description and I quite literally don't have time. I don't see why you don't just have some missing bones here and there.. That would still have the affect of a partially broken skeleton. If they can learn to make bones partially transparent, they should be able to use your maya/max/blender file to change what they want and re-export it. And if THATS a problem, just make a few versions with different amounts of bones.. Is it actually crucial that anyone needs a skeleton with specific bones missing? For the very few that might, let them remove the bones themselves XD Anyway, don't forget that this is going to be pretty hi res as it is, considering what I assume about doom 3's current capabilities. I think it really needs to be as optimised as possible. EDIT: just figured out how to fix a problem i was having with the normals. I had some over lapping uvs which i forgot to move to the left of the main uv space, and that caused some weird z-fighting type artefacts. Now the only issue I'd have to work out is the best way to prevent seams. I already have a bit of an idea but I'll probably leave those thoughts up until I'm finished sculpting. I just wanted to get some of the bigger issues out of the way.
  6. Guys It's been a while so I think I'd report to you and let you know what's going on. I'm still chugging away at it in my spare time. Most of the time has been spent learning zbrush and figuring out the kinks in the normals mapping and fixing things. I started sculpting and realised the cheek bone uvs were buggered so I've been trying to fix that. Once I do, sculpting will continue. I should have the uvs fixed really soon. I'm just trying to re-import the base mesh without re-doing the upper divisions, so please bare with me. EDIT: problem solved.. back to sculpting!! EDIT: actually there's another problem but i think i can solve it.
  7. Still a lot of a work as far as i can tell and if the flesh stops suddenly on a limb it'd look weird/comical because that never happens unless you've managed to clean the flesh of that bone (not that i know this from PERSONAL experience) a lot of the time if they have bones exposed it's because of erosion and there fore other smaller and more exposed parts of the bones have fallen off like finger bones. And even then there is usually flesh of the bones if even just a little bit. As far as i can tell it's not a plan. If you see some cool example and the team like it, by all means try convincing them but for me I have no time for specific requests.
  8. I think you're asking if you could have bones underneath which could break with limbs but I assume this is very difficult. What you're asking sounds very difficult to program and create but I wouldn't know too much about that. All i know is i won't have anything to do with it haha.
  9. The UVs are done, also the image shows a few changes I've made. With the shadow mesh, does it have to be UV'd? I assume it acts as the LOD model as well. I was planning to maybe do it after the sculpt and texture, get the more important things out of the way and that might allow me to make a more informed and decision and possibly be better equipped. EDIT: Just a heads up, this sculpting portion might take a bit of a while because I've decided to try and use Zbrush instead of Mudbox which is what I'm more used to. Recently I've found that out work Zbrush is being used so i though I would try and make myself a bit more relevant in my spare time.
  10. Just in terms of how blocky the silhouette of the hand is (and i mean in terms of how realistic it is haha) Anyway, up to you folks really I'm pretty keen to move on.
  11. Guys Should I make the hand detailed? I'm almost done UVs (after making changes based on my feedback) when i noticed that the hands were still sorta low poly. I guess they would be waved in the players face at times and you might get pretty close when you sneak by them.
  12. Well the only thing that is not separate is the pelvis from the spine so I'll just separate those for you. That would make pretty much everything separate, safe for individual ribs, but I would probably separate those after sculpting if i were to do that.
  13. Yeah but you guys will have to let me know now whether you want the pelvis separate from the spine.
  14. NEVER =O Lol honestly you can do what you want with the skeleton when i give it to you folks but I want to make a complete skeleton so it can go on my reel. Imagine putting it on the reel without the skull
  15. My employer says the skull looks a bit weird so i might also give that another tweak.
  16. STiFU, Unfortunately that might be a bit out of my scope because I had a meeting with my friends and we're planning to resume work on our game really soon so i need to follow through with this for you folks but then go back to working on the other stuff. Basically this means between work and the indie project ALL of my time will be used up. However i plan on Putting careful work into this skeleton. Shouldn't be too hard to add clothes and accessories.
  17. K the count is down to 5488. just took a few verts of the inside of the jaw, some of the ribs behind the shoulder blade and some from the spine.
  18. I'm just glad you're all happy Yeah a shadow mesh shouldn't be too much trouble, I'll get on it. I'll try and make the ribs show in shadows as much as possible. Where there are concave shapes I could just fill them in so it should be ok. And I'll try to reduce the base mesh to 5500 instead of 5568.
  19. And for some reason i forgot the back view, so here it is.
  20. Here's an update, the base mesh which i will now unwrap and then begin on the high def sculpt. That there is the tri count, if it's too high, speak now or forever hold your peace.
  21. Yeah I'm Almost done on the base mesh of the skeleton, Have had trouble slotting it between work and other things but it's still coming along.
  22. You made some fair points, and I need to be out at the beach instead of debating design lol. I only have a small amount of time to work on this which is taken from my spare time so for the sake of moving onto other projects and keeping my promise I'm going to make a ordinary run of the mill skeleton and you guys can do what you want with it.
  23. Feedback time. Pay not much attention to the scenery, was just a little context suggestion. I broke it up a tad because if a skeleton has no flesh it has usually degraded a bit and it gives context to quite a few different death scenarios. Skeletons are sometimes found with small traces of hair and dried skin. Of course I can alter this but my reason is that this is the average state you'd fine a skeleton in real life providing it's not ancient, in which case it would probably be in the earth or broken up anyway. Personally the only thing I'd considering is getting rid of is the hair. So yeah this is my idea of vanilla, I would make the haunted skeleton have a slightly more twisted and bigger build so as communicate a threat. This guy just has a little loin cloth like underwear.
  24. Badcog: So here's an example i found of a skeleton wearing nothing. Now by this time you may start understanding me a bit better.. on the right is a realistic skeleton and on the left, and exaggerated one. Look at his rib cage! awesome isn't it? noticed those knuckle like formations? well that is a result of working out a cool and slightly exaggerated proportioned chracter. They look like death's fingers. Springheel, I can certainly do that, words of reason. I can make a variation that has harsher features and one that is more like the right picture for being just an ordinary dead guy
  25. Badcog, Realism and good design can go hand in hand. First of all, 100% realism just isn't possible with a small project and without triple A team of artists. Besides, what is realism anyhow? is it what you experience in your backyard, or the catalyst of an evil wizard's black magic. The skeleton of your docter's skeleton is not a fiend of black magic now is it.. Now I know that's the goal here and that's what I'm trying to do, but the point is in place of what can't be achieved realistically I need to supplement things with some fundamentally based procedures of designs (which I will explain) in order to deliver something that is as appealing and effecting as possible. Another thing to take into account is that stylisations and exaggerations are a conscious decision of most game designers in order for the player to understand and digest a lot of information at once so that gameplay is smooth and un-intrusive. Let me explain silhouette to you. when someone examines a character, their mind subconsciously breaks the process down in order from things that read the most to more subtle details. The mind first finds the outline that forms the general shape of something, then other details such as colour and density follow. This means that the stronger and more unique a silhouette is the easier it is to identify and understand. So yes, it is about 'interesting silhouette' to some degree no matter how realistic a game is Let's this example. Obviously I've chosen doom 3 as a reference because of how the dark mod is on the same engine so the lighting and shading is identical and the art seems to be derived from the game. Now a goal in design is to take away unnecessary details. What are they? they are things which confuse or do not seem to have a place. Why do i mention that? because notice how this creature does not immediatly create questions? Look at the contour of it's body as it leads in such clean and understandable swoops, so as if to only just give an impression of the underlying muscles and bones. Perhaps in real life such an abomination would not have such clean and smooth skin, but we an artist knows that really, really subtle details are lost on the audience that does not comprehend anatomy the same way. The art is in deciding which of those features matter the most and how to make them stand-out. This way the audience will over-look those details in light of the more obvious ones, and at the same time they comprehend as well as they should. These features have been pushed to a point where we accept them because they read well and we are thinking "of yeah there's his collar bone, and there's his tendents, etc etc". But something we don't consider well enough is that a lot of design work has been put into making SURE that within the constraints of the engine, we can digest this information without strain or confusion. These details were pushed so that in a low-light setting you could still understand the form. It's ALL about how they look through the camera in EVERY SINGLE form of medium, in Avatar, in 2001 a space odyssey in every game imaginable, what matters is how you see it through the camera. The other thing is that most attempts at creating appeal through realistic 3D have resulted in something being forgotten as time went on because they have dated horribly. WOW was made in 2004 and millions of people still play it all the time. Amnesia had that creepy ass monster that haunts our memories as we remember it, because it 's outlandish proportions. So For the example i proposed, i would probably have a normal skeleton, with some sharp claws or at least something sharp on him to suggest melee danger. I would have then given him some accessories that can be swapped around or removed for those who REALLY like have skeletons who died naked and dishonoured without any memorabilia to help them into the afterlife. (jokes aside, this does happen in video games from time to time, so fair enough) Please read this article for more information: http://www.gamasutra...coming_the_.php
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