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  1. Bikerdude, she edited the post to fix the link
  2. Hey guys, I'll ask her to show some examples of her work Hopefully she can log in now and do that herself.
  3. Hey man, my girlfriend Molly is looking to become a voice actor. She can voice ages from about age 13+ of females. I've showed her this post and she said she'd be interested in helping out. She tried to sign up on the forums but couldn't post so I'm posting for her. To contact her: Her email is: maelstrom13(at)ive.co.uk.
  4. Haha what a fantastic welcome, you guys remind me why I return This is cool, thanks Springheel for your speedy reply and comprehensive list, but also to cambridge spy, Vanishedone and SeriousToni for your well thought out ideas There are at least several kinds of voice you guys have mentioned that i'd love to try to provide... This may take a while but I'm super keen to let you guys know when i have something for you
  5. Hey guys I'm back. I made a skeleton for you a while ago. Out of curiosity, do you have a list of voice sets you'd like done? I'm interested in doing some voice acting for the dark mod but i don't just want to give another greasy peasant or indignant lord if they are already in abundance. Do you have plenty of creature barks already? I'm not a voice actor, but i do sing a lot. I have a nice voice, but i can add a layer of guttural effect to sounds grizzly or a bit of hoarse to sound old, because I've learnt to control my voice through singing. I've also got a fair wide range of tone. OH and i have a proper microphone and audio input box (i dunno what you called it lol) I'm just asking so i go in the right direction with what you want, If it's not gold i won't offer it because I think Darkmod has some good voices in it and i wouldn't want to tarnish it
  6. Cool thanks for the support dude =) Btw Wasn't till i recently visited the forums that I recognised where your DP is from! Radio head is only a recent obsession of mine =P
  7. Haha yeah everyone is always asking about an android verson.. only on IOS at the moment, but often Blowfish does port to android. The voice was done by an Aussie i think..? Tbh I thought that was a llliiitle weird at times. At one point he's all like 'gaaaangnam styyyle!' why? no clue not brave enough to ask the boss what they were smoking XD
  8. Also sometimes no matter how well you get rid of the fringe, the png format will take out chunks of the solid channels of your image to save room where the opacity is 0. To fix this, make the whole image have at least 1% opacity.
  9. Also I'll just leave this very cool tutorial here which helps in getting the best transparent texture. Recommended from the polycount forums. http://www.cgtextures.com/content.php?action=tutorial&name=alphabg That tutorial tells you about a trick where you duplicate the images, put it behind the other and blur it and copy it till it spills colour from the general areas around the transparent image. Then you mask it. And that way when you're in game you don't get white/black/weird edges due to anti-aliasing.
  10. Like* the light version of speed tree! Hey guys, I came across a Stella program for making 3d game trees. I'm not sure if anyone here knows about it but I thought it should be my duty to let you folks know about it. http://www.frecle.ne...how=treed.about The other day i made a really neat looking tree in half an hour at only 300 tris. The program is fantastic and I highly recommend it!
  11. Hi folks, people might not remember me but maybe the skeleton I modelled and textured. If you are happy with the skeleton please consider checking out a game I helped make while I've been working for blowfish studios in Sydney. Even if you hated my skeleton, this game is for you if you enjoy tower defence strategies =) And you'll be helping the dwindling Australian game industry! we're struggling over here XD https://itunes.apple...d658149902?mt=8 Here's a video of gameplay: I don't really get paid much, but get bonuses from good sales! please give it a try if you've got $3 to spend in a fun IOS game =) How i wish they had made it Three 'fiddy' (southpark reference).
  12. Guys this is really important, look here: The guy floating in the screen shot is just waiting for a mate.
  13. I think you just answered your own qualm there i30817 ;P Springheel: Yeah I've heard that inverting the green channel tends to fix those kinds of problems, I should keep than in mind next time I need to get something in game. Bikerdude: sorry man! i have to focus on finishing a prototype in my spare time, isn't the werebeast already being made? EDIT: Also what's the sound effects and idle animations like for this guy? I was keen to make a suggestion that the monster's noises could be the rattling of bone and the clacking of teeth =P Hellraiser anyone? www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdCJC_sf4uQ
  14. Looks as though there is a problem with the way that doom handles normal maps in mirrored uv space. See how one side looks ok but the other side looks a little strange? it's especially noticeable if you check the centre of it. I might look into it in my spare time and get back to you.
  15. Thanks for the kind words folks =) Springheel, if you check your private message between me, you and badcog the obj is there for you to download.
  16. If you could put it under Simon P Heggie that'd be swell =) if someone sees the skeleton and wants more skeletons from me premium, then I'll want them to be able to find me ^^ EDIT: There's an fbx file in the 'scenes' folder that you should be able to open with most 3d applications. it's the best for keeping all the material information and what not. But if you like i can get you an obj tomorrow.
  17. The new skeleton has been is ready to be rigged and animated!

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    2. zergrush


      Anything next up your sleeve? Maybe the werebeast?

    3. Mr Lemony Fresh

      Mr Lemony Fresh

      Sorry, I had to nip it in the bud with this one.. I actually have a really big project going on and my full time job as well. It was a bit of a stride to try to finish this one with that in mind.

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      Makign Doom 3 models? I know that feel

  18. Here you go =) http://www.mediafire...6d5bnhwxidgm1x2 So the skeleton can be modified however you like but I have to be credited somewhere where people will look. Also would someone care to send me a message or something when I can see it in game? =) that'd be neat
  19. Ok I'm including an fbx as well as the photoshop file in case you want to change the texture. Some time i might get around to providing you a more organised PSD file but you could probably just tidy it yourself if you need to. The way i have things layered, there's a focal gradient which include a layer of dirt, and on top of that there is more dirt. if you remove all of that you get rid of that dirt and there's a layer near the bottom which has that filthy look that the previous screen shot shows. For reference of anyone who may want a bloody skeleton like the previous one, just replace the dirt with blood stains and put a red colour multiply layer on top. I might get around to doing that some time but it's not too hard to do.
  20. I'm just about done with the skeleton. Unfortunately due to time restraints i no longer have time to create the light model/lod but I'm happy to provide all the files you want. Please let me know if you'd like me to release any of the zbrush/psd type files.
  21. Hey guys here's an interesting piece of trivia.. At work we use some of the textures this wonderful 3d artist has made as reference. =) The funny thing is, at the time this was posted we started looking at her textures ;P what a coincidence!
  22. Today I found time to do some texturing and I've gotten pretty close to completion I think. Next revision is the final revision in which I'll be submitting it. Does anyone know of a good program for check whether things will look good in doom 3?
  23. Hey sorry about the lack of updates, still working on the skeleton a little bit here and there. It's coming along but very slowly because I've had to try and take on another project at the same time. The last update was pretty much done in terms of the shapes of the bones, next thing to do is add finite details like grain and weathering.
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