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  1. WIn XP SP3 AMD X2 245 (2.91ghz) RAM 2 GB plus around 2GB of virtual memory This is not much but I thought that would be enough for TDM . Perhaps not !
  2. Exact ! Thank you both for the tips ! The files where half-deleted in the temporary browser files folder . So I restarted the installation from the beginning and everything worked just fine until ( and perhaps I should post this problem in an other section ) I launch "the tears of st Lucia" ... "malloc failure" ! I tried to load the FM "William Steele 1 : In the North" but I ended up with the same malloc error . The error report is quite heavy and I don't know which part post . This is a " malloc failure for 134217736 " in both cases . I don't know if this helps .
  3. Hi ! This is about a minor problem, I checked before the FAQ but couldn't find exactly what I was looking for . My mistake ! I ran tdm_update.exe without creating before a folder "darkmod" and now I can't find the files downloaded :/ ... Is there a place where I should look in priority in order to rediscover those files ( I haven't got lot of space on the disk so I can't afford to simply redo the operation in the correct order . I would be forced to delete the previously downloaded files ) . I'm under Win XP . Thank you for taking the time !
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