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  1. @Moonbo : I restarted the mission and everything was fine ! I was able to play through the missions without a problem, and wanted to thank the team for their work, as it seems to me that this is a refreshing mission, with its emphasis on the narratives and gameplay variations. It changes from the "break and loot" on which most FMs are based. Anyway, thanks for the team's work, and keep up the good work !
  2. EDIT : Restarting the mission solved the issue. Leaving this message as it might help others to solve their problems. Hi, This FM seems great, unfortunately, it crashes on me in the second room of the first mission, when I have the key and have to go back to the "otherworld". I have tried multiple times and I consistently get this message : I once had this : I'm on Debian Jessie 64bits, with i3 2.5ghz, 8gb ram and radeon HD 6450 1Gb ram. My TDM installation is up to date, and I do not have any problem with other FMs (appart from TD3: Heart of lone salvation that used to crash some months ago). I did try the darkmod.cfg tempering and although it was quicker to load and hurt my eyes, it did not make things better. I'm going to try and restart the mission to see if it solves the issue. Let me now if you need a trace log or specific info. Any suggestion as to how I can get past this show stopper ? Thanks, AB.
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