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  1. I'm wondering if anyone ever checks new posts in the Fan Missions Forums? I've posted 4 questions asking for help for 4 different missions that I can't finish because I"m stuck, and I don't get any help. I posted a question this morning so I don't expect an answer right away for that one. Its frustrating because I would like to finish them. I've read through the posts for each mission and I'm not getting anything from them. If there's someone who could help me I'd really appreciate it. Thanks I guess I'm spoiled from the TTLG forums.
  2. I'm playing Quinn Co and I'm having a hard time trying to figure out how to I also need help with the Those are the only two objectives left and I can't finish till they're done
  3. Is it possible to write my comments on the fms I play like we could do on Darkloader? I use to note beside each FM my opinions on each. I've looked in the wiki but haven't seen it
  4. I need help finding the evidence room in Part 2 of VFAT. I had to quit Part 1 because I was having trouble getting . Tried everything. So I'm now playing Part 2, and I can't find the Can someone please help?
  5. Ok as usual, I found the well just after posting...never fails lol I just finished playing. Absolutely amazing. My top fms. I loved the detail of the breath fogging in the cold. That was awesome. I loved a lot of little details that showed up here and there. You are really good at this. I will be keeping my eyes open for your next fm. Cant wait. Thank you so much
  6. Regarding the well...Is it the one outside in the courtyard? I tried jumping in it but I can't.
  7. Amazing trio of FMs. Congrats on outstanding work. Thoroughly enjoyed the first 2 and I'm almost done with the 3rd. Wow. I did come across a couple of bugs... One was that I failed the mission because I had killed someone, which I hadn't. I just bj everyone that I can. No I didn't bj him several times cos I know that kills. Second bug was that a couple of times when a guard was going to enter/leave a room and I just happened to open/close that door, he'd start walking in circles. Other than that the fm played really well.
  8. Help please. I'm stuck,. I'm at the City Watch, on a ledge. Below me is the . If I continue on the ledge and round the corner to the end, I come up on a , before it comes clanging down, but I can't get through. I can't see any way to get across the building ledge I'm on to get to the other side of the city watch to see if there's a way in that way.
  9. Well that key remains on the body. Ive been unable to nick it. I've managed with all the other keys, just not this one. One other question...Are there any zombies in this fm? NEVER MIND. hehe...I finished it. I absolutely loved this mission. Can't wait to start the 2nd one.
  10. I am having a problem trying to nick a key from a guard's belt. It's in the Barracks. He comes in one door and exits out the other. I have tried everything I can think of to get that key, including using my only gas arrow, because he can't be bj'd for some reason, he's bareheaded. So once he was knocked out with the gas arrow, I had to make him a contortionist because he fell on his back so the key wasn't showing. Finally got the key to show and I cannot grab it. Is it supposed to be taken? I'm thinking it might be for a locked chest beside one of the bunks.
  11. Thanks to you all for that response. Destined I believe I'll follow your advice and redo the mission. I haven't gone through it all, I just did the lockpicking, I couldn't wait to get my hands on a Dark Mod FM lol.
  12. Right now I'm trying to figure out how to stock up on food in my inventory, but all I am able to do is pick up highlighted food and then put it back down. Is there any way I can just put in in inventory?
  13. Well thank you so much for your reply. I think I've got the hang of it now lol. after tons of tries.
  14. Very new to this. I'm doing the training mission to orient myself on movement, etc. I am trying out the locks, and I'm thoroughly confused. I get that the correct lock will show a green flicker, no problem. I use that pick on the lock and that's where the problem starts. I keep expecting it to work like the other thief games but it's not is it. If I keep pressing the mouse, the lockpick/lock just keeps on going over and over the same motion without opening the gate/door. I'm baffled. I've played a lot of thief fms, and I'm just not getting this one. I can see the lock pin moving back and f
  15. Really? I thought they were more expensive. Would it work with my relic? If it does I'll get that and save me a lot of hassles
  16. well I downloaded the vista 64 that you linked for me, and after opening it to install it, an error popped up saying This computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software That's confusing to me. How can win 10 not meet the requirements for Vista? I was thinking of getting a geforce graphic card but then I expect I'd have to upgrade one thing after another in order for it to work properly. Thanks very much for all your help. I am very grateful for the time and patience you've all shown me. thanks again
  17. I have Intel G45/43 Express Chipset. I've done the update driver option and it says I have the latest driver. I also went to their website and run their scan and got the same results. Driver v
  18. Error During Initialisation I have windows 10 I have followed all the directions for installing the darkloader. I couldn't find TheDarkMod.exe although the log showed that it had downloaded it. I turned off UAC, and it showed up. I clicked on TheDarkMod.exe and I had errors...a lot I copied the logfile. The only thing I've tried to do with no success is the Read Only attribute. I have read comments online and I'm lost. TheDarkMod.exe had the Read Only attribute unticked so I guess that's how it should be? TDM 2.03 #6455 win-x86 Feb 8 2015 10:06:142195 MHz Intel CPU with MMX & S
  19. New to Dark Mod and curious to know what those two letters stand for beside each mission. Scary??? Creepy???
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