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  1. Hi folks. I have limited skills but an an idea for a game that I want to materialize. I'm good with writing but I'm not good enough with animation and programming skills required. I was wondering if there are people here who could help me create a small 1 episode mission. If not then, can I join a team to build my competence and learn more? Thank you. I have reasonably good voice acting skills as well and am eager to get involved in a project.
  2. So how many entities can there be in a map? And does entities include NPCs or are they all inanimate objects? What are they exactly? Thanks for the advice guys, I will keep these things in mind.
  3. Hi everyone, a little bit about myself is in order. I am a writer, even a director of sorts. I have these stories in mind and I wan tto tell these stories to people. Which is why TDM interests me. I discovered your game just very recently. It seems so very amazing to me what you have built over here. This is just beautiful! the fact that your community is pretty active itself was a very relieving experience. I want to ask you what it is I can build using DarkRadiant editor. I wanted to know will the following things be possible:- Destructible Environments - Like a building collapsing and the
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