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  1. Thank you kindly for listening! There's a few things I thought it could be as far as the artifacts are considered, and one I know for sure. First, I thought they may have gotten messed up during conversion from .wave to .ogg, but I ruled that out. Secondly, I thought perhaps it could be intersample peaks, which could be more likely as I actually didn't check for them. Although I'm not sure any of these even reach maximum volume. As for what I know it is, in some of these selections, I added some vinyl effects which adds noise and occasional pops. If you want, let me know what other ones you he
  2. Thanks a lot! I can honestly say it isn't my darkness, but I'm glad the mood is set just right with those selections. Definitely! Let me know! Thanks a lot for taking the time to listen! P.S Effluvium is now live on my site just in case any of you don't want to bother downloading it and maybe not even liking it.
  3. Hello! I'm from the TTLG forums known as "beauty-man" (and yes, please don't ask, lol) I admittedly have neglected TDM community, and in recent months discovered the great work that's done over here. I'm also glad to see a dedicated audio area as well. I just wanted to add my resources. Maybe about 7 years ago, I created ambients and music strictly with Thief in mind. From there I reached out to indie game developers and such, but always liked to come back and give free work to the Thief community. Feel very free to download any game audio project present on my website presented below, and u
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