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  1. What about a slight modification of the rope arrow to allow for tightrope walking between high rooftops?
  2. I haven't seen the new episodes yet, but I loved episode 1. Can anyone else give a good review before I watch more? I love Zach's humor.
  3. And here's the web archive link for its download site. https://web.archive.org/web/20201109034056/https://fortresslabs.tf/playstation/
  4. Was thinking back on older video games, and feeling nostalgic, thought about some PS1 classics. I saw a few years ago a few ad videos and walkthroughs of a Team Fortress 2 custom made deathrun map named "Deathrun Playstation" where the TF2 mercenaries travel into a PS1 and complete a deathrun based on Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, Toy Story 2 The Game, Gex 3D, and a race based on a racing game whose name I forget. The final level is a boss fight against a bug/virus in the PS1 system that has been trying to beat the heroes of each game, created when some idiot put a DVD recording of The Shining into the PS1, in the form of a box tv with the bugeyed face of Jack Torrance weilding an ax, tricking him to fall into a grave in the hedgemaze ported from Blood. Then the real final boss begins: Johnny 2.0, a massive deathbot that shoots explosives shaped like that one meme cup of Buzz Lightyear with a dick straw. The whole thing is amazing, but it's hard to find a download and a server now I hear. Haven't been on a laptop for a few years.
  5. What is the consensus of non-evil necromancy, such as communing with the spirits of the dead to help them find peace and solving murders, instead of raising undead and enslaving souls for power?
  6. Just wondering who the most infamous Necromancer is lorewise. Was there a founder in the art of Necromancy, like a Lich or something, similar to Nagash in Warhammer or the Lich King in Warcraft? Some sort of evil magician gathering power in a far off land, building his legions for a showdown with the Empire?
  7. The real world European countries used to do trade with heathens even though they were considered pagans, for silk and spice with China and India. Does the Empire have a similar trade with the Pagans of the East, or are they equally as xenophobic to them and just plunder their ships?
  8. Just tried Hawaiian Style BBQ pulled pork for the first time Friday. I now understand that Pork Bun Vendor from Sleeping Dogs. "A MAN WHO NEVER EAT PORK BUN IS NEVER WHOLE MAN"
  9. What are the favored retrofuturist aesthetics of those here? Do you like Steampunk and the variety of other 'punks it spawned? Do you like the 80s dark scifi like the Alien ship Nostromo with exposed wire, dim lighting, and shadowy metal corridors, like Doom 3? The shiny chrome of what the 1950s thought the space age would be like?
  10. Thanks man. I've been going through things for a while. Struggling with my own beliefs, wanting to be accepted by others, wondering if I should censor my own beliefs to get approval from my family and acquaintances in a sadly vain hope they'd hang out with me more like they used to when I was younger. Been having a lot on my mind to think about, with the world as a whole, and its effects on my mental well-being and how that carries over into my social life.
  11. Tell me if you've heard of these bands: Alestorm, Windrose, Nekrogoblikon, Gloryhammer, The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets, Powerwolf.
  12. That's it. I really love the architecture styles put into the original Thief games and The Dark Mod. Makes it feel like an actual place you wouldn't mind living in.
  13. Post by Plutonia https://boards.4channel.org/vr/thread/8060606#bottom
  14. I found an image on 4chan of a remake of the outside of Bafford's Manor. Won't let me post it, says the file's too large.
  15. Kurshok

    Oh shit.

    I disagree. The American Revolution brought freedom to the colonies. Then the Civil War brought freedom to the slaves.
  16. Kurshok

    Oh shit.

    Why the hell would I support ISIS if I hate the Taliban? I hate theocracy. And it's not about making the war go on longer, although I don't mind if that happens so long as freedom is maintained for the Afghanistani people and the current terror we see with young war brides being taken and schools being shut down is stopped.
  17. The founders were Hydro_Glyph and Dirtymeat, Dirtymeat being leader of the fanbase or "UBD Milita" whilst Hydro_Glyph was the original founder. Zevais and MrFisto were some prominent members of the UBD community.
  18. For those of you who have been interested in a wide array of game genres, you may remember the buzz years back for Spore, a game whose online servers shut down not so long ago. Spore was an "evolve your own alien race" game, which got a lot of great publicity and was a lot of fun. I remember a big ad for it in Boston some years back when I visited it on a school trip. Sadly, EA consumed the smaller company that made it, Maxis, and sucked it dry, as it has done to many small game companies. One community within the overarching Spore creator community, started by a user called "Dirtymeat" and 2 others, was Spore UBD, or "Underground By Design". They pushed the engine to the limit to make the normally cutesy game into a horror show, utilizing asymmetrical glitches and other glitches prior to updates that added asymmetry, unique color schemes reminiscent of gore, and unique placement of parts to resemble bones to create mutant abominations. They may have even been responsible for inspiring the later Creepy and Cute parts pack, as well as the spinoff Darkspore. They were usually well received in the community, although there were a few "cute purists" who hated them for making a "cutesy child game" into having a horror subgenres. With the later Galactic Adventures expansion, they were even able to try their hand at horror game adventures within the game.
  19. Kurshok

    Oh shit.

    There's a resistance group that's holding off the Taliban currently in one of the cities. I'll go search up where again. Edit: Ahmad Mahmoud is their leader, in the mountains of Panjshir.
  20. Kurshok

    Oh shit.

    I don't think the Taliban are changed at all. I saw them gunning down protestors on the news. I doubt they care what happens to the "Western-Corrupted Commoners" beyond preventing them from fleeing and utilizing them as a labor force, along with occasionally executing any "infidel" amongst them to scare the populace into obedience. I think we should regroup our troops into where the resistance against the Taliban currently resides and try a pushback.
  21. Does anyone else here sometimes feel fear of losing their of grasp of their own sense of morality in the face of personal and global adversity? If so, how do you deal with it? Prayer? Therapy? Talking to loved ones?
  22. I definitely think one of the reasons The Dark Mod community is rather small, besides being based on an older niche stealth game, is because of a mixture of lack of advertisement and not being on more popular platforms.
  23. Kurshok

    Oh shit.

    Which actual people; though? It's not worth giving infrastructure to a rival civilization who has an authoritarian, murderous theocratic government if it's going to strengthen them to the point they can try and export that toxic cult of theirs to other countries in the form of terrorists and welfare moochers who take advantage of their host countries' supports to enable the worst excesses of their own culture within a culture, including the pervasive nature of cousin marriage which leads to a near-endemic growth of mentally defective births of either special education individuals the state has to give monetary support to, much of which their parents just take and donate to their pro-extremist mosques whilst leaving their mentally disabled kids hanging, or worse, their children are technically neurotypical but suffer from psychological problems such as psychopathy and depression which is taken advantage of by their brutal cult, which espouses that mental health medication and psychiatry is haram and indoctrinated their fragile mental state with ideas of jihad against their "infidel" host countries, resulting in terrorist attacks and child grooming gangs.
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