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  1. Hi thank you for the feedback. I hope to be making more content soon to share with this with the community. I have been playing some missions and I been enjoying them so far. Any updates I make will be put up on my YouTube channel.
  2. Hi There LongMeg here! I am a very big fan of the Thief games I have played all of them from The Dark Project, The Metal Age, Thief Gold, Deadly Shadows and Thief 2014. I recently found The Dark Mod and I thought that I might be able to help out with some things like Character Design, Story, 2D and 3D concepts, Sound and Music. I am also a Game and App Design student and looking to help increase my skills as a game designer. So far I have made some Thief Inspired Ambient music that could be used in a fan mission. This is posted on my Youtube channel for more information please read the des
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