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  1. Is there a way to at least prompt to use this system? Maybe mappers are simply not aware of that feature.
  2. Good day Dark mod team, There has been a persistent issue I've been having while playing a variety of different campaigns: maps. Whenever you have 4+ pieces of map, and you have to press map button multiple times to get the one you need within a short time interval, it becomes really grating on me. I'm not sure how the game is designed, but I have a basic idea to resolve this issue. Create a rectangular object like Map1_location, which would cover a specific section of the map (e.g. first/second floor of the manor, outside, overall). Whenever player presses Map button, game checks in which location object the player is and shows a proper map, instead of scrolling through each map every time. If there are maps you can get mid level (WS2 for example), and you don't current'y possess the map of your location, pressing M would either display overall map (if exists), or static image "no map of the current location". The idea and implementation might vary, but I really think something needs to be done about the multi-map for better player experience.
  3. Sotha, Glenn tower was the first level, where I have experienced polite zombies. For a sec I thought: can they also lock doors with keys hanging behind the belt I could pickpocket? On a serious note, I'm simply sharing my feedback on what I have experienced, and merely proposing some suggestions, even though I'm not aware of the code structure. I'm also trying suggestions which IMO should not require major code rework. Apologizing in advance if it's not the case.
  4. Good day Dark Mod team, While I was playing any mission involving undead, there was one thing that was constantly getting my attention in a negative way: zombies manually opened and politely closed doors behind them. Personally, it ruined my immersion with the level, and I could not take zombies as I was supposed to; their closing opening mechanics were intrusively distracting. As such, I have a suggestion of modifying undead AI: Zombies approach the door and open it without stopping to walk and without opening animation, and they do not close it, and it's up to player to close doors if they need. Hopefully, I'm not the only one who found current zombie AI a bit silly and somewhat immersion breaking. Sure hope it would not require to rewrite the entire code.
  5. Destined, you got my point exactly; I did not want to replace existing system, just add another way of using HW. From my personal experience, firing water arrows at the lich that detected you was extremely hard; I needed to up the distance and shoot before he hits and disrupts me. While I did know about saving some arrows for undead, I didn't know what level had to offer me (like, if I could replenish water arrows in some pond). Also, I'm not a wasteful person, water and rope arrows pretty much my most used things, (and only if completely necessary); and others, depending on situation. But because of my unawareness of needed battle with lich, I had to restart the level, while keeping in mind I only have 5 arrows for entire level; as such I rushed to the church to grab HW, and get to lich asap before I run out again. While I appreciate Sotha's efforts to mix up something interesting, I don't think my kind of experience is what he was aiming for.
  6. Springheel, I believe you got my idea correctly. I was thinking something along the following pseudologic: if (usekey.OnTap()) activate object (flashbombs, mines will drop under player, like in current implementation), HW will be applied to arrows(like in current implementation) else if (usekey.OnHold()) alternate activate object (flashbombs, mines will be thrown in arc), HW will be thrown in arc creating puddle of water.
  7. Springheel, I meant like Action and Alternate action. Action (tap Use) -Drop flash bomb, mine underneath you -Apply HW flask on water arrows Alternate action (Hold use) -Arc throw of flash bomb, mine, HW flask
  8. Epifire, Why not take the best from the both games, arrows + HW and as throwable flasks? As is, HW is useless item if ran out of water arrows, sparks options for multiple usages.
  9. Springheel, I think, all non-arrow and non-potions tools can be used like this: Drop - Arc throw: flashbombs, mines. Throw - apply: Holly water. I don't think we need alternate action for every tool at our disposal.
  10. wesp5, What if we make HW as throwable on default (Use key), and some other key binding on applying 1 unit of HW on arrows (something like Alternate use action, could be applied to other items in the future (e.g., drop flashbomb as action and arc throw flash bomb as alternate action), so it's not exclusively on water arrows and HW)?
  11. Good day Darkmod team, I have been playing Thomas Porter series, and I did enjoy those. Currently on the Transaction episode. The battle with the lich took me off guard for sure, but I liked the decision to look outside player's comfort zone. However, I was totally unprepared for the battle, since I used all my water arrows to douse crucial light sources and free the girl; as such I had HW, but could not use it properly. As such, it sparked couple ideas in my head. 1) Ability to apply holy water on the sword, like applying poison on daggers type of scenarios, to make melee fight vs undead more effective; same consept as applying HW on water arrows. 2) Make HW as a throwable flask, like in TDS, turns into a puddle of water deadly for undead. I'm not talking about next releases, but is any of it worthy to consider?
  12. Is the level loaded entirely, or in parts based on player's location?
  13. Well, my GPU is Geforce 970M 3gb, so hopefully, next release will allow me to go back to 1920x1080 resolution and highest settings. I honestly didn't find anything in the game that should be THAT resource consuming.
  14. Freyk, I will do some experimenting on weekend, barely have any time after work. Will keep in touch.
  15. Glad to hear it. I finished Training and 2 official missions, went into first unofficial mission No Honor Among thieves, and there was a huge performance drop in the purple crystal area at the beginning past the water station. Hopefully, 2.07 will address those. I already had to drop resolution to 1376x768 just so I could play stable 60, ,and from my previous post, I have a decent rig, such stutters should not even exist in the first place.
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