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  1. OrbWeaver - Your suggestion fixed it! Yay! I somehow changed the language to Dutch when it was unreadable hahaha but it looks totally playable now! Thanks again!
  2. Kano - This is a fresh install, I have never installed before. Below is an image of what I see after doing freyk's fix. Also below is a screen shot of my video hardware. I bought the laptop in 2011 so It is kind of old, but it seems like it has the right specs for this game. Thanks again guys!
  3. Thank you guys for your prompt responses! I used freyk's method and I can get it to be the same resolution as the rest of my programs on my computer but it is still blocky. I would upload an example but I am not quite sure how to upload pictures either to this forum, I am sorry for all the newb questions.
  4. Hello, I have a quick question and would appreciate anyone’s assistance! I downloaded The Dark Mod and am pretty sure that everything was installed correctly but when I launch the game the menu is horribly blocky and I can’t even read the text. You can see that below. I am wondering what could possibly be my issue? I have searched through the faqs and the forum a little bit but I didn’t see anyone having a similar problem. I am running this on Windows 7. Thanks again for everyone’s help!
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