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  1. It's a kind of awkward thing to say, but after trying for 3-4 days straight and always having that problem, no matter if I reinstalled only the training mission or the whole game (version 2.06 btw), it now seems to work properly, so I don't honestly know if it is a real bug or something else with my pc it didn't like. Anyway, Here are both the condump and the config files. https://ufile.io/pj97u As for adding it to the bug tracker, I didn't know I could do it (and how to do it), sorry. Feel free to decide if this topic is worth existing any long or not, since it seems I happened to be the
  2. I don't know if this has already been said, I could not find anything about it anywhere, and I hope this is the right place to point this out. I found this weird bug in the training mission, where the screen goes crazy if I go underwater when the health is not full. The majority of the screen freezes, and I can only see a smaller screen in the bottom left corner in which I can continue to play. If I return on surface, everything turn back ok, same thing if I cure full health (even underwater). I noticed this in the training mission only, in "Tears of St Lucia", for example, everything goes per
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