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  1. Every time I update Windows and it takes 10 minutes installing some .net framework fixes, I get this (-) much closer to deleting the Windows partition. If I can ray-trace an entire scene faster than software installs, they're doing it wrong. If it takes 10 minutes to apply some fixes on a 6-core 16 GB machine with an SSD, they're doing it wrong!

    1. lost_soul


      What is it actually doing that makes it take so long? Does anybody have an idea? I would avoid .net everything, but all the video drivers force it on us now.

    2. Xarg


      Probably setting system restore data for the billion files, and then updating them. I've always noticed .NET anything takes bloody forever to update.

    3. lost_soul


      Precisely. That's why I try to avoid it. It also needs more security updates than any Adobe product. Sadly though, graphics card manufacturers require it now.

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