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  1. Thanks for the hint, Goldwell! I had thought it might Thanks for all your hard work to make these missions, too!
  2. This is a great mission! IMO better than Act 1 and hard to pick between this and The Accountant 2! (Sequels can be better ). The mix between the undead and guards was cool - I got the fright of my life when I came out of the and a zombie started attacking me! Can someone help me please with the code for the I must have missed a readable (or read too fast) and it's bugging me! Thanks
  3. Thanks, stumpy. That's a good idea. Since I've already installed it should I move the TDM folder to a new directory or will that disrupt the game? The game is working now but as you said the next time my laptop updates it may change to read-only.
  4. Thanks, freyk. I downloaded your installer and it worked
  5. I've been playing TDM for a few years, but after my laptop updated itself to Windows 10 I couldn't open the game. I tried uninstalling it and then couldn't reinstall it. I can download the updater but when I go to run it I get this message. When I try to make the folders not read-only I uncheck the box but when I reopen the folder it is back to read-only. I am using the administrator account (I'm pretty sure) and changed the permissions on the folder but it hasn't worked yet. I'm not very tech savvy so any help would be appreciated. I really miss playing TDM!
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