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  1. I am mostly a ttlg guy and sadly a bit distant to the Dark Mod forums here, but i have played a lot of The Dark Mod FMs, grayman's FMs gave me antecipation as i knew they would be awesome even before i booted them up (i loved his initial William Steele missions and got me hooked). Hearing of his passing is such a sad thing, but his memory will live on forever to all of us here due to his Dark Mod legacy. My condolences to @grayson and family.
  2. Winter Harvest kinda screwed up my Dark Mod install btw, gave me a AAS96 error at the start and that somehow not only killed my missions.tdminfo, but made me stuck in a neverending "mission update" loop. Quite weird. Otherwise, it seems like the mission runs "fine" on current engine.
  3. You mean this https://www.moddb.com/mods/the-dark-mod/addons/winter-harvest-v2? I havent tested it yet to see if its working with the updated engine. While i understand that completely, i think your underestimating how cool A Noble's Home still is, maybe release it as a standalone mission unrelated to The Accountant series? It has one minor hickup where the Fence might block you way at the start of the mission, but if you go ahead of him, you can do the mission just fine (i am playing it as a type it, so maybe the end sequence might be broken?)
  4. Hello folks! I am kinda new to The Dark Mod! While watching youtube videos about the Dark Mod, i came across missions that have become diferent to their now avaiable due to updates, which is expected and all due to the nature of fan missions. But i also came across missions, such as Goldwell's "A Noble's House (The Accountant Prologue)" which are radically diferent from the actual first The Accountant mission that i started to wonder if there are other such cases. Missions that have been removed from the in-game downloader (why?) and arent avaiable anymore. For Goldwell's mission, i found a link to it in Gamepressure, so its still avaiable to download, but are there other such cases? Thanks in advance for any help!
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