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  1. okay that's the file myw64trace.zip I totaly forgot the link. there's also the file https://www.dropbox.com/s/qn2speiwb5b4iof/myw64trace.zip?dl=0
  2. I've tried the other script, it worked. I don't know, why the other didn't. should I sent you the myw64.trace file here?
  3. okay, I've downloaded apitrace and also the script. while running the script tdm opens and after some seconds it shut's down on it's on. is that normal? the file myw64.trace has been added in the tdm folder and I've archived it in another folder.
  4. okay, take your time. that's the new qconsole.log qconsole.log
  5. anyway thanks to all of you for your help. it was just a try to let the new version somehow work, but sadly it's not. hope it'll work with an other card.
  6. I've deleted tdm_base01.pk4 and run the update again. the problem still appers, only difference is, that the blackscreen is coming a later. for the first 2 or 3 seconds you can see a grey screen now. the driver version is 8.970.100.9001 (see screenshot) I tried to update it but it always says it's the newest one. I really think the only way to solve that problem is to buy a better grapic card.
  7. thx for the new settings. I've tried it with these but it's still the same. The game isn't working anymore
  8. Darkmod.cfg okay, here's the darkmod.cfg
  9. That's in the qconsole.log: log file 'qconsole.log' opened on Thu Jul 2 17:45:58 2020 execing DarkmodKeybinds.cfg Couldn't exec autoexec.cfg - file does not exist. I18N: SetLanguage: 'english'. I18N: Found no character remapping for english. I18N: 1274 strings read from strings/english.lang I18N: 'strings/fm/english.lang' not found. ----- Initializing OpenAL ----- Setup OpenAL device and context OpenAL: found device 'OpenAL Soft on Lautsprecher (2- Realtek High Definition Audio)' OpenAL: found device 'OpenAL Soft on Realtek HD Audio 2nd output (2- Realtek High Defi
  10. okay I've deleted the darkmod.log is the thedarkmod.cfg the same as Darkmod.cfg 'cause I can't find thedarkmod.cfg? If yes, in the Darkmod.cfg is a line whitch says: seta logFile "0"
  11. thx for your fast answers. I've tried them and also looked through the other blackscreen problems in the forum. The drivers should have the latest update now, I also deleted the darkmod.cfg and the rest. But the result is still the same. Luckily I still have the backup of version 2.07 And that's what's written in the Darkmod.log: [g:\thedarkmod\darkmod_src\game\darkmodglobals.cpp ( 374):INI (INIT) FR: 0] LogFile created at 2020.07.02 14:22:03 [g:\thedarkmod\darkmod_src\game\darkmodglobals.cpp ( 377):INI (INIT) FR: 0] Executable last cleaned and rebuilt on Jun 17 2020 1
  12. Hello everyone, I was very happy when i saw there's a new version of tdm so I installed it right away. But now I got a big problem with that version. It isn't working. All you can see when you start the game is blackscreen and you hear the titel music. The older versions were working fine. Does anyone of you have an idea what the problem could be and how I can solve it? System: Win 10 Pro 64 bit , Processor: Intel Core i7, Graphics: ATI Radon HD 4800 Series (and yeah I know my graphic card is old maybe that's the problem)
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