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  1. I guess it has to do with GL version? *cries in pre-2010 IntelHD integrated graphics*
  2. Obviously 2.08 was just released which means that DM is actively worked on and not going anywhere just yet. Are there any new features planned? What are the creators plans for the future of DM? Also considering the "rise" WASM with DOOM3 DEMO being ported to WASM, as well as tons of other older games making their way into the browser, are there any plans for DM to go that route?
  3. Congratulations on the release, this is such an amazing mission. The map is top notch - as per Thief series - this map really makes "rooftops are thiefs highway" true. BTW, in the little torture room, there is a spot where you can fall though the floor/ textures. Overall i am very impressed, and it would be nice to see this turn into a campaign as the map has so much potential.
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