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  1. Oh hi, I just remembered to come back and check on this. I tried deleting the darkmod.cfg file, and it all seems to work. Didn't run the updater or anything else, so it appears that that was the problem and the solution.
  2. I tried copying the GLprogs folder from the clean install into the old busted install, but that made no difference. I'm not going to muck about with it any more at this point, since the clean install works, but I should have better internet next month so I can try and fiddle with things then if there is any interest in me trying to narrow down the problem.
  3. This would have been an upgraded version, not a clean install. And I likely used the stand alone upgrade, rather than using the updater. I tried deleting the GLprogs folder and ran the updater, and was told I needed to download 1.6GB, which is more than my bandwidth can handle at the moment. I do however have all the installation files tucked away exactly for moments like this, so I'll try a clean install momentarily. And as an aside, this reminded me of a problem I had with Doom 3 RoE that was solved by disabling AA. Thinking this might be an engine problem, I tried disabling AA on TDM, but that did nothing. Update: A clean install seems to have solved the problem. Doesn't really narrow down what the problem was, but at least there is a solution.
  4. Not sure how to best explain this one, but I just fired up 2.08 for the first time, and I'm getting visual overlays that shouldn't be there. If I look in the direction of a fire, I'll get streaks of flame effects across my screen, or if I equip a water arrow, my screen will get a rippling water effect. There are other similar problems, but I'm sure you get the point. This happened in the first mission I tried, so I loaded up a mission I had completed with 2.07 without issue last year, and had the same problems this time. My hardware hasn't changed in the last year, so an issue with 2.08 seems likely.
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