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  1. Thank you guys for your help. I'm progressing through the Springheel's tutorial and so far it's going okay. If I have some more questions, should I ask them here or in the general thread Newbie DarkRadiant Questions?
  2. I actually have 2 specific questions which have been on my mind for quite some time. I have no experience when it comes to 3D graphics, level design etc. so probably my logic when it comes to this stuff is yet underdeveloped. 1. Is there a special tool which one would use for creating a natural looking piece of land with various small dips, peaks, inconsistencies, gaps etc. Anything one would expect to see while walking up a hill or up a path in the forest? Like some sort of ground-modeling tool where to a flat section more polygons are added to curve, reshape, lift and lower it. 2.
  3. Thank you again. Looking forward to this update. When I'm wondering how to achieve a certain task, what should be my go-to resource? Those two? https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=DarkRadiant https://www.darkradiant.net/userguide/ Is there anything else worth studying or just those two plus lots of experimentation?
  4. Thank you. I messed up the names of my .map files in maps folder. It's working now, I can see it on my list. Another question. What is the most desirable way to quickly check the mission in game? Keep TDM minimized and alt-tab to it and type in dmap command and then map to reload? The wiki suggested using a custom shortcut for TDM with a mission specified in the target box. I liked how quickly you could check your mission in DromEd using alt-g/alt-e shortcuts.
  5. I have the darkmod.txt with Title: mymission. What should I put inside of the startingmap.txt file? EDIT: OK I addes the map name into startingmap.txt but it still doesn't show. I must be doing something wrong. EDIT: OK I downloaded the startmap.pk4 for now and started messing around with it. I will have to slowly go through the documentation to understand what I'm doing wrong.
  6. Hello, I just started following the Springheel's Workshop and I have my mission in fms/mymission/maps/*.map but it doesn't show on the list of missions in TDM like it does in the tutorial. The workaround which works is to create maps folder in Root and then copy the .map file there and launch it using map command. Does anyone know how can I make TDM look for the .map file within the actual mission's directory fms/mymission/maps instead? Every time I make a change I have to copy the mission to the root maps folder to launch it. Is there any way to make it faster and more seamless? Thank yo
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