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  1. Hello all. Is there a way to make it so the Ai does not only notice your footstep sounds as there are other Npcs walking by making their footstep sounds. Seems strange that two or more NPC's walk by and as soon as the PC walk's by, the guards notice your footsteps only. Also a thief would not wear really noisy footwear at least quieten down the PC's footsteps. Lockpicking on the other hand is a different story, NPC's should hear your lockpicking and other Npc's on the other side of the door you are picking. Tried this at home and you can hear the picking attempt on the other side of the door. any suggestions.
  2. Thanks all, I forgot to mention secret passage ways to spy on other lords n ladys visiting and to spy on the staff downstairs .
  3. Hello, Just Wondering if there is anybody out there who would be keen on designing a huge mansion mission. like the size of the Downton Abbey mansion with dungeon, sewers, family crypt, secret hammer lost tombs under it all, with no camera tech etc. Been looking all over and found some thief 2 FM's but still not large enough. anyone out there....
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