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  1. Sorry, I misinterpreted the topic; I thought we were dicussing a TDM Flatpak and missed that this was actually a discussion about Darkradiant
  2. Why would any of the game files be in an arbitrary location if all the files should be where you expect them? They shouldn't be anywhere else; for that, why even bother making that a concern for supporting with Flatpak at all?
  3. Flatpak has a default install location though, why would it even be necessary to give it access to the non-default location at all? To my understanding, leaving the install paths where they are is part of the point with flatpak: it isn't meant to be tampered with or moved by users. That said, running the binaries directly by encouraging the old execution process (./example-executable or double-clicking) isn't how we want users to do this anyway because it could bypass the flatpak sandbox. I think the solution here would be to just include a .desktop file with the game, but do correct me if I'm misunderstanding something Lol
  4. I attached the OpenAL log and my terminal log here: openal_log.txt terminalLog.log
  5. Wait, so, 1: there isn't a alsoft.conf file in the game directory 2: If I enter those alsoft commands in my terminal, it won't have unexpected affects on other software, right?
  6. For some reason, the game has no audio for me System Info: OS: EndeavourOS (Arch-based Linux) Desktop Environment: KDE CPU: Ryzen 3700X GPU: RTX 2080 Ti GPU Driver: (Proprietary) 460.39 (Plugged into TV w/ HDMI and headset plugged in)
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