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  1. Nope just the standard game, 2.10 beta 5. It's really strange. The first few steps I take has the guard running at me from down the alley which normally should be far enough away to not hear.
  2. I'm sure if its just me, but I find the guards very sensitive. Being in the slightest bit of light or making any noise alerts them immediately, and as another said they don't give up. It begins immediately when starting the mission that I cant even get out of the courtyard without two or three coming after me.
  3. Hi all, This isn't so much of an issue but a quirk. I've noticed for many versions now that the mission downloader, while working fine to download missions, will not refresh properly. What I mean is, when I download missions, they do download, but if I were to go back into the list some are still there. Some are removed from the available list, but the same ones (almost forty) show as available. I'm wondering what this is. It's more a question for my OCD to have a nice cleared out list, but also it makes it hard to find new missions (especially when the name is cut off and I cannot see the asterisk or pound sign at the end). Anyone know what this is about or how to clear the list for missions that have already been downloaded? I searched around the forums but couldn't find any information. Thanks in advance.
  4. @Dragofer Let's us know when you do. I'd be happy to test it.
  5. @Dragofer No I'm doing a new game with the new pk4 you linked to. The loading bar brings up one bit of red before it hangs and Windows reports its not responding.
  6. @DragoferI appreciate that. I tried it but on both 2.08 and 2.09 but it hangs and crashes when I try to load it.
  7. @Dragofer Just wanted to let you know that your suggestion solved it and load times are significantly improved. Thanks again @nbohr1more I didn't see much difference with r_gpuBufferNonpersistentUpdateMode 0 but I'll keep it on just in case. Either way everyone's help here made a huge improvement and I appreciate it. It sucks that this laptop, like many, have soldered RAM which is probably a huge reason 550MB missions like TPW don't want to play nice when others do.
  8. Thanks man. I'd much prefer to use the most current version. If this helps load times then I'm sold.
  9. After trying all the tips in that guide, I only saw a noticable improvement by using: seta com_smp "1" It bumped up most FMs by 10+ fps! I hope this helps some other poor soul using a similarly aged computation device.
  10. Gotcha. Thanks for the help. Yes sorry I meant Render Scale. I kicked myself after asking the question, but I simply turned down the resolution via Windows and that allowed me to play at a lower resolution which increased my frame rate a bit (but not in The Painters Wife which seems to be just too heavy for this paperweight). From now on for resource heavy missions I'll just do that beforehand. I also decided to stick with 2.08 since the load times are significantly better. I'll try a bunch of those tweaks and maybe something will help. The few I tried already have only had minor benefits. Thanks again!
  11. Why would it lock the resolution? It seems there is no point of having other resolution options then if using a laptop. Is there any way around that? Editing the config has no effect. Oh and also, I've noticed no difference in fps between having rendering high or all the way down.
  12. Well I will say the Painters Wife is not smooth (5 fps). Although it runs now. The rest of the maps work pretty well actually. I have the rendering turned down just a little but, but with no other adjustments. I've also purged many needless background processes from Windows (like Cortana). Not sure if that does much, but at least it frees up the little RAM I have. I just tried Knighton Manor and was getting 25-30 on average. Sometimes it was up near 40. I think I'll tweak some of the config to turn of extra enhancements. If only I could get a lower resolution to stick that could help.
  13. @stgatilov @nbohr1more Great success! I've managed to get the 2.09 64-bit exe running. For the first time in my life, it came down to a driver. Trouble was that Lenovo has not had a driver update for my HD Intel Graphics card (Z3700) since 2017, and Intel would not install the newest driver (put out in October 2020) and directed me right back to Lenovo. In the end I had to force install the driver via "Have Disk". All runs well now, and I have seen a performance upgrade as well, although the load times in 2.09 seem to be almost twice as long for me. Thanks again for all the help!
  14. @stgatilov Ok so I had the opportunity to test out a few of the dev releases for both 2.08 and 2.09. I didn't try them all but I tried the two most recent and two oldest of each version, and none would run the 64 bit executable. I didn't take any dumps of them but I'd be happy to if you would like. The 32 bit exe of 2.08 works fine for most FM (except The Painter's Wife which I have been dying to try) so I'll stick with that since the 32 bit exe for 2.09 that you linked me to would not run. EDIT: On a lark I tried to reinstall 2.09 and run the 32 bit version (which did not load a mission previously). Now it seems to work fine so it it does not seem to be a version dependent issue.
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