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  1. I know this has been debated before but I still think it would be nice to have full body animations for your character and the possibility of third person camera ingame...

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    2. Goldwell


      But also keep in mind TDM is a freeware game built on the donated time & work of others whereas I'm sure these other games you're mentioning have a budget

    3. pusianka


      I am keeping it all in mind and I still think TDM is one of a kind. I am probably alone on this one in the community but this might be an issue for newcomers. What I am personally afraid of is that it is coming to a full circle and soon I will have problems playing just like I had problems with Thief 1 & 2. I just have some standards which steadily grow so it seems.

    4. New Horizon

      New Horizon

      All games don't have to look the same, or use the latest and greatest effects. Gameplay is more important. The advancement in graphics by mainstream game companies is there to keep the player upgrading. TDM isn't under contract to push the latest features in order to push players toward buying new hardware.

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