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  1. Has anyone picked any of these to model yet? If not i could do the stockades, Candlabra, Shovel, Anvil & Hammer. BTW can someone give me a link to where the discussions about the current animations that are needed is at. I also need to get with the modeler of the chars to get the models for me to animate, and a list of what animations are needed. Thanks Gameking
  2. Send me a list of animations as well as the files i will need. if you can send me OBJs that would be great.
  3. OK guys things are looking good for me to be finished soon. I can start looking at the things to be animated on SAT the 4th. I am down to only two projects from the three i was working on. and soon the other two will be done then i can actually give you my full attention as I will be working on only 3d art and animation for the next month at least. I have some business I have to attend to in another state for this time but nothing that will take all my time. Family issues. I look forward to start working on the animations.
  4. OK so i take it i am "hired" for this mod. If so I would assume that my Group status would change soon. Let me know one way or the other pls.
  5. ok NP I have Maya 6 and 7 so it will be NP to use either program. The animations I have on my demo reel were done in Maya 6. Also sorry for any confusion about my working with you guys I had no idea you actually had people in the gaming industry working with you. BTW I am seriously looking for a job
  6. No I am not familiar with Thief. Is there someway I can get a demo or free copy of the game. Also I understand yall are using lightwave for the models. Please make sure you export the files as OBJ's so that I can use either Maya or Max which I feel would be best for animating as I dont have LW and haven't used it b4. But if I must use LW I would need to get hold of a copy of it. Anyone know how much it is? Also this is a Doom 3 mod? Or what engine are you using I know as a modeller this is really only important for exporting my assets and animations but I still need to know poly count restrict
  7. I dont know why it would freeze up make sure you save the file to your desktop and unzip it. then play the .mov file form there. Thanks for the vote let me know when you reach your descision.
  8. Hey guys I have registered here and should have my website finished within 2 days. You can look at my demo reel from this link but please allow 10 to 15 min to DL as it is over 80 megs. You will need to un-zip it as well using WinRAR. In this reel you can see some of my animations as well as my modeling and texture work Demo Reel Thank you, Gameking
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