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  1. Ah, yes, you're right - there's an east gate too. I studied this a bit more and figured out what started my confusion. I wanted the Theleme governor to ask about the Malichor. The marker shows north and there I come across the fast travel portal in the road. Click and it shows my position on the portal and 'X to travel' and a panel with three quests listed included one to ask a governor about Malichor. I click it thinking this portal will take me where I want to go but it only shows links back to the city. By changing objectives I became even more confused. I now realise that's not just a 'sending' portal but a 'receiving' portal for locations in New Serene as well. So I guess if a player was elsewhere in the map and wanted to go to the Bridge Alliance governor they would click that marker, get to New Serene, then walk through Serene to the East Gate portal? Though couldn't they go direct? Anyway, what I need to do is ignore the objectives list that pops up by default at my position (and is an irrelevant distraction) and look elsewhere on the map and there I see what I want.

    Thanks. I'll give this another try.

  2. Thanks, Destined, though I'd virtually abandoned this game as bugged and unfinishable, I'll take another look. From memory, the objective marker is there in the road but when you select to fast travel, the only options are your own house in New Serene, or the Port quarter (I tried them both to be sure too.) If I go to the caravan person he has no objective marker and if I pay him 10G he offers to unknown destination names. I tried them both but they seem unrelated to anything I know. I tried setting other objectives instead with the same result.

    I'll take a look at the northwest exit and I'll also check if I'm absolutely sure I set the main objective. I think I did. The only thing that might relate is I tried to help that native who was thrown in prison for trading without a licence. To rescue him I had to fight in the arena! This turned out to be so impossibly difficult I abandoned it and reloaded an earlier gamesave then set a different objective - effectively abandoning the native as unsavable (by me!) I don't see how that could affect it unless one is expected to do that mission. Fairly sure that was a side mission.


  3. As indicated in other threads, I keep looking for a decent game to play. Prey was OK and likely I'll replay it sometime, but explore more of the features. Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order was promising after struggling through puzzles then finding there was no quick way back to my spaceship, I gave up. Pity.  Plague Tale Innocence I enjoyed somewhat and almost finished but instead watched the ending on Utube. I just couldn't be bothered to do it myself. Vane has charm and has its own simple beauty but I struggled with the puzzles and then when I had to resort to utube again and saw how illogical and impossible (for me) to have solved, I gave up. A few days ago was the news of the imminence of Playstation 5 with Final Fantasy XVI as an exclusive. I've never really looked at those games so learning that XV royal version has a first person mode, I bought it. I'm truly astonished that such a huge franchise that has made hundreds of millions can be so badly presented and plays like an amateur B movie - no a C movie or less. Side quests were like: 'take this package from a to b' and you had to be careful not to get sucked in because mostly you can't refuse! First person is like moving on ice. Perhaps I can't complain too much as it appears to have been added in response to demand. But the story and characters themselves seem aimed at the teens market. I hope that's not an insult to the many intelligent teens out there? I gave up early. The download probably took longer than the time I spent playing it actually!

    So, now I'm trying Greedfall. It's a visual joy to simply walk the streets of the start town as I love the detail - the grime, dirt, filth, of the winding streets. And the subplot stories promise to be much more interesting than just 'take this package from a to b'. But it's a crying shame there's no first person view. How I long to immerse myself more fully in the straw at my feet, the cobblestones, the stonework, the piles of broken wood and - well I could go on all day. The only climbing is at set points. There is a stealth mode but I am very doubtful about how it might be used. I had to smuggle someone out of a tavern so I crouched out the back way - only to find villains set up to attack us and no obvious way to avoid being seen. Still, I think this game might be worth a look if only for the visuals. Try googling for images - most particularly for street scenes. I'll maybe post if I discover anything more worth mentioning or if the game turns out to be hopeless.

  4. Just finished in 97 hours, Perdition ending. Couldn't choose the other ending even if I'd wanted to because there was no objective marker anywhere that I could find so basically I had to find something 'somewhere' on the entire space station! I didn't even bother. The only clue was 'atop a tower near a scary thing' which meant nothing to me. Overall I found it outstanding, despite the frustrations, and I may well play through again, especially since I didn't complete hardly any of the optional missions. (I mean, why would I want to decrypt a message which has no meaning for me? Why would I want to save anyone temporarily when it would only delay me killing everyone?

    Story plot was good but the storytelling was weak. Storytelling is how well a story is conveyed to the reader/player and includes emotional depth and immersion. 

    Here are some rough personal % scores to compare it with other games I've played recently:

    PREY %   LAST OF US(1) %      FALLOUT 4  %
        90                   90                              90           Story Plot
        70                   95                              90           Storytelling (emotion, immersion, clarity)
        90                   85                              95           Gameplay
        90                   90                              99           Value (one play only)
        50? 80?         20?  40?                   99           Replaying value ...  ?=future?
        95                   95                              95          Originality (to me)
        95                   85                              85          Stealth
        95                   20                              66          Climbing
        85                   66                              95          Combat enjoyment
        70                   10                              99          Freedom/Open-world/Choices
        30                   30                              90          Player game management*

    *Player game management is non-gameplay stuff like game-saving, maps, inventory handling, trading/transfer menus, sub-game puzzles like hacking & lock-picking - all the little things that can be so frustrating if done badly. Hacking is fine in Fallout 4 but dreadful in Prey (only tried briefly then gave up in disgust and recovered my neuromod.) I note that lock-picking is not a sub-game in Dark Mod but part of the gameplay.

    Prey also scores for zero gravity and spacewalking which was really well done.

    Fallout 4 scores for in-game construction (though flawed.)

    Last of Us scores for best drama.



  5. Just occurred to me that because nothing respawns and one is continuously using up resources, what happens when they all run out? I mean, currently the game is fueled entirely by progressing through the space station, consuming everything. What happens after the last banana peel has been recycled and the last bullet fired? In fact, if I'd been wasteful, I'd have nothing already and it would be literally impossible to continue. I've always been on the edge of failure as it is.

  6. I was about ready to give up the game after several hours on and off trying to get into the reactor room and part of that time fighting the technopath in waterprocessing. I hardly made any impression on it. Wasted all my bullets and emp and it health meter barely went down a fifth before I died.

    Found the main cause of my troubles is that the difficulty level was somehow two levels higher than I chose. I know I chose the easiest level very carefully. I've seen this before in one game where having chosen the difficulty level early in the start process, it defaults to normal before launching. (although that might have been because some games expect a confirm on exit while others you just exit.) Another possibility I tested just now is that on the Playstation the left joypad is used to move up and down the option menus and as you do so, the tiniest side pressure changes a setting as you pass over it to reach another. I recall setting subtitles on the same page and changing it later.

    Now I've changed the setting down I defeated the technopath reasonably easily. (still used most of my ammo and all my emp though.) If I'd played on easy from the start then likely I'd have accumulated more ammo and medkits by now instead of barely scraping by from monster to monster. I mean, one single enemy and I'm left with almost nothing is ridiculous. I went all the way back to cargo bay to recycle and the nightmare turned up again!

    I still think the difficulty I experienced was too hard to be called 'normal'. I'd call it hard most of the time, very hard here and there, and impossible in places without enough supplies. I mean, give me 50 medkits and a 100 shotgun shells and I'd have been okay and had fun. As it is, I pick up single rounds or maybe 2 or 3 at a time! What use is that?

    Will I survive the reactor room with almost nothing? Dunno.... :(

  7. It may be sweet but a somewhat sticky sweet like toffee. I'm stuck again last night. Can't get into the reactor room. Just not enough info. Managed to find an overhead route into water processing and gathered some resources but also lost many in fights. The Technopath I found unbeatable but could sneak around it. But ultimately I'm back in the passageways leading to the reactor room with its damaged keycard thing. So last night I googled and found no help except to suggest the technopath is causing the electronic corruption. How is anyone supposed to know that? And what's the best way to kill it? I've emptied my guns into and it hardly scratched its health bar.

    In addition, I recall an audio message from a russian-sounding lady but can find no record of that in the objectives or audio messages at all.

    So I next looked at a dozen or more utube walkthroughs of this quest but they were all confusing and showed passageway I could not identify.

    I came across a ref to a body to the left of the reactor room door of someone called Talia I think who has the keycard. No such body can I find and the screenshot I saw showed a round door - not the reactor room at all. Grrrrr! The GAME should provide better info. I mean, I'd never in a million years think I had to kill a monster in another room to fix a damaged lock. Nor would I search for a keycard to a lock that's obviously damaged. Mind you, I scavenge EVERYTHING I can find anyway. There's also a storage room nearby. Why is its lock not corrupt then. But I don't know its number either. I've studied my inventory of keys but can't see anything. Also about info, it seems some objectives disappear after their done so I can't refer to them. I see messages like plug something psycho into the water supply. Why would I? I've no idea of the pros and cons of that so I left it alone. I do recall a message asking someone to do it but I don't think it said why. And it makes it an objective? Why? And that saving people thing - why? - I'm about to kill them all!

    For me, the weakness is all about good info. Especially since I'm playing on EASY which it definitely ain't.

    I'd still score Prey in the low to mid 90% but it would be more like 99% if it had better info (and a better organised inventory - I STILL have to shuffle through silly pictures to try and guess what's what. Yes, I can recognise easy ones like the big glue gun, but most of the rest are fiddle fiddle shifting through to look at what each one is one by one to find what I need. But that's the modern way - flashy graphics come before practicality.

    That reminds me, I see references to repairing weapons. None of my weapons has ever broken down yet (perhaps because I avoid combat if I can?) How do I tell what state they're in? And how do I repair them? I've tried dragging those spare parts onto my shotgun but it just swaps places with it in the inventory (which is a bit pointless because as soon as I re-sort then they are back where they were!)

    To finish on a good note, I got that morph perk and used it as suggested to become a bottle and roll through one of those cross-beam door barriers. Neat! And wisely I moved the bottle near the door to save psi points but with the added bonus that I hadn't thought of - when I came back that way I could target the same bottle through the barrier! Must remember that one.

  8. thebigh said: Morgan is the only person on that space station who eats the peel along with the banana.

    Lol, yeah. Reminds me of wine etc in Fallout 4 where there's no empty bottle left after you've drank it. Empty bottles were really useful in early stages of Survival mode for gathering portable water.

    thebigh also said: I could never really warm up to the protagonist.

    Yes, that's a big flaw, much of it because he's mute. That is weird. I mean, they have the voice actor for the early video so why not use it? So, emotionless, I don't like him. a big part of good storytelling is about conveying feelings. From his pov he wakes up and should be excited ready to start a new job (he thinks.) It's not too long before he gets a vid from himself telling him to blow up the entire 3/4 kilometre space station and kill hundreds of people including himself! Silence. Imagine in his head yeah ok then. He should be screaming Noooooo! and arguing with January before he finally yields to what has to be done. In fact the robot January shows more emotion than the robotic Morgan Yu. And it would help if he could contact January for help in a frightened tone. Hey January, I'm dead here! There simply aren't enough working turrets so I can't get through!!!!  January replies: The damaged ones might be working sufficiently; give them a try. That would be useful and make story sense. And that sort of interaction would give the protagonist an identity - like we cared about Garrett and others. Incidentally, that reminds me I never did find the plan to fabricate turrets which the objective said was 'nearby'. I scoured the area over and over and over. There's no objective marker for that plan. Not that I had enough resources to recycle anyway, I guess.

  9. The connection is inspirational: hero on space station with strange extra-terrestrials and being hunted, hence 'prey'. I got into this because I read about the original and watched some utube of both games and decided to try them both - the earlier one first. Unfortunately, it's either not on PS4 store or it's a 'freebie' on on their 'PSN' but you have to subscribe. I've bought quite a few games in the last couple of months but I don't generally buy many games, preferring to find one good game that I can play for months (or even a year or two like Fallout 4.) There was another game I wanted like that, maybe the first Hitman. It's annoying because they'd have made a sale if they'd also offered them for sale separately.

    Thought it was gameover last night when I simply could not get enough turrets in the cargo bay mission (incidentally another nod in the direction of Looking Glass with the objective title: 'Shipping and Receiving'?) Damn sure the second or third mission in Dark Project or was it Metal Age was the same. I recall the excitement of starting that. Anyway, I only had one turret and two damaged. After exhaustive searching I decided to dump them in place in the hope maybe an engineering operator would fix them, but apparently they were sufficient. Wish I'd known that two hours earlier.

    I also think 'first person shooter' is understating 'Prey'. I mostly feel I'm playing a stealth game with some combat. Like yesterday, once I'd opened the cargo bay door I backed away and hid and let the turrets and NPCs take the hits to save my bullets! I love the freedom of different strategies like that and not being too forced to dance to the tune of the game developer! :D

  10. OK, now I understand why I've never been using psi - no info. Yes, I was vaguely aware of it but too much else going to spare the time. Now I actually look I find... nothing. There is no device in the inventory so it's not a weapon I can equip. There is no tutorial in the tutorials (though they are not really tutorials but ultra-short summaries anyway so even if it had been there it would have probably said something banal like 'use your psi abilities to blah blah...) Next I check every header in the erm... whatever that big menu is called. Can't see anything except under neuromods. Maybe I have no psi powers until I select one?  I've always had more important ones to select so never selected any - probably because I don't understand what advantage they might give me, whereas increasing my max health is simple to understand. Next I look at the controls in the pause menu. Ah - the ps4 controller uses left trigger for psi power. So, back in the game try it. No effect that I can see except I die faster. Do I aim it? Use it as a shift key? I have noticed that sometimes the scope gives a message like 'now you can manipulate this' but doesn't say how. Hit different buttons. Nothing.

  11. I'm on Playstation and you're right chakkman, aiming is loose and sloppy. There's no aim assist I can detect. Not sure what's missing but I feel no positive 'connect' in fights. Compare the skull-cracking metal pipe in Last of Us! Another thing missing from this game so far is not a single human apart from the very start. Even the audio transmissions seem to be accompanied by a cartoon still. And, like the mute deputy in Far Cry 5, the player is dumb apart from cries. And no companions. I prefer the taunts of enemies I can identify with so it's more satisfying when I get retribution! Prey is definitely impersonal - up till now anyway. It's a ghost ship full of bodies.

    Anyway, I found water fountains upstairs in the fitness centre and a couple of extra neuromods enough to boost my max health up to 200. Takes ages to keep drinking but at least it's an option. I went back there after one more fight to regain 60. Not fun.

    There's a bug. I could not enter the maintenance hatch in the tulip bar - which is essential to continue the game. I tried closing and opening it over and over, jumping at it, angling into it - even hitting out with the wrench in case there was invisible glass! Nothing worked until in a frantic effort I pushed against it while it was closed and clicked open  as I was doing it. As the hatch raised I suddenly found myself going in! After that it was ok and normal. Strange.

    Having got the voice recordings I had to make a blind run to escape and got lucky I guess because once outside I just kept running hoping to hide somewhere and accidentally ran directly to the deep storage entrance! But before entering I hid and saved. The Nightmare countdown reached zero but now I have to figure out what to do about the phantom or just dash to the deep storage entrance.

    Not even tried psi yet so I'll take your recommendation, Orbweaver and experiment with it.

    Have I mentioned the inventory is flashy but inefficient? Needs better grouping. Give me plain text lists any day. I spend ages flipping through what is effectively a children's picture puzzle trying to identify what's edible, where the medkits and ammo are, and so on. They should clearly block group anything that restores health for instance.

  12. The difficulty for me is that even though I scavenge every scrap I can find, and mostly fabricate 9mm ammo and medikits, I'm always low on both. When I entered crew quarters yesterday, I reloaded several times before I realised there was nowhere to hide and that Nightmare is forced on you. I emptied my gun into it pointlessly. I really thought that was game over for me. As a last resort I just ran forward to find somewhere to hide. After several reloads I found a niche upstairs, killed one or two extra mimics and phantom, but now I was down to about 45 health with no medikits and no ammo in a place that had seemed to be swarming with enemy. Then up comes 'Objective Completed!' - 'kill or evade Nightmare'. I didn't even know it had been an objective. Got a shotgun from somewhere but again only 3 or 4 shells at a time. I used to love my silenced 9mm auto handgun in Fallout 4 and hate shotguns because they were so slow but now that's reversed. Had to use Utube to find how to get in mail room for more shells but still no medikits. Poltergeist took my last shells b4 I killed it and now down to about 2 health and no ammo. Any enemy contact from now on and I'm dead. Is it even possible to continue? Need medikits or lots of bananas. And ammo, did I mention ammo? I prefer the freedom of Fallout 4 where you could pretty much always escape and come back with a mini-gun and 20,000 rounds! :D

  13. Aah, thanks, chakkman - that was it! Radiation poisoning. Strangely, the HUD shows just the radiation symbol but no value so I assumed that meant zero rads. But the status page gives all the details: 100% rads, stumbling, slow health regen and so on. Now fixed with anti-rads.

    Good game btw so far. Real gamesaves! and I couldn't believe my eyes when I discovered LEANING round corners! And it does appear to work like Thief, ie, enemies can't see you when you lean (not sure about shadows yet.) There is a ref to Looking Glass servers in the fiction. Can't help thinking they've drawn on Thief's origins. Climbing, crate stacking and so on. The carrying is nowhere near as good as Dark Mod though, no fine positioning only clumsy drops or throw. Still, heaps better than the Ministry of Silly Jumps you get in most games, if at all, and climbing seems to work on anything that looks climbable!

    But it's hard even on easy. Fair hard, not unfair restrictive checkpoint hard so you can quickload and try different strategies.. I don't see how anyone can fight through this. I can just about beat one phantom then use up my average few medikits to recover from the fight! So it's almost forced stealth to preserve resources. Probably I'm not developed my fighting and weapon skills yet though.

    - Hip

  14. Thanks. Interesting but I doubt my feeble PC will handle it. I downloaded Dark Mod again the other week and even a small mission was jerky. Just a cheap basic graphics on the motherboard. Might be interesting to glimpse what it looks like though.

    I've now redownloaded Plague btw and managed to get past where I was stuck. The game is totally staged. I never needed to defeat the entire squad of guards but only two and then the escape opened up and the guards froze behind me (off screen. I know because of a glitch when I saw them frozen! When I moved away from the escape, they killed me!) The trick is to keep close to the escape area but not on it, then a cut scene shows you escaping. None of that happened b4 and I tried quite a few times even going up into the parapets to buy me time to kill them!

  15. @chakkman: Maybe my memory of Thief is hazy but I thought there were lots of areas where one was free to go back and forth anywhere - and certainly fan missions. In Bafford, there's the streets then the mansion itself is the (small) open-world. You're not forced along set corridors which are blocked behind you. In fact if they'd not made escape back to the streets the final objective but 'escape with scepter to streets then they could have easily let you back into the streets anytime (maybe you can? I forget.)  Anyway, without checking through every level I wouldn't argue your point except that my memory of Thief is one of open freedom where you can choose your routes. Downloaded Skyrim, Dying Light, and Little Nightmares last night.

    Not sure why you dream of city hubs (like Thief 3 and 4 I think) because they are just open world where for tech limit reasons each area has to load (slowly) as you move between. Not sure if that's been implemented in Dark Mod yet but it could be.

    @Shadow: I'll definitely try Styx 1 and 2. Look good even though 3rd person. Thanks.

    @Destined: Maybe I was unfair on Plague. I got stuck in only 4 places: the armour guy I mentioned. The 'run' from early on (because I now believe my ps4 controller is getting 'sticky' and jerky in some situations (not sure. I'm getting a new one delivered today I hope.) I died over and over until I carefully watched the utube vid and saw it was almost exactly how I was running (as far as I'd got) but now I knew for sure I finally managed it. (this reminds me of the horse ride escape at the start of Kingdom Come which was also impossible for me until I saw a vid and started the game again and it worked out differently. Anyway, third problem in Plague was my own fault (Unbelievably I passed an open (recessed in gloom) side doorway multiple times with even seeing it! Kicked myself when I saw the vid. Then finally the being ovverrun by multiple enemies thing. Now, fresh from the good game but spoilt experience of Far Cry 5, I was absolutely sick of trying. Maybe I'll check a vid and see if there's a trick to killing a squad of men face on with only a sling (a ledge?)  I'll take a look at Seven: The Days Long Gone - thanks for that. Finished Dishonored 1 but abandoned Dishonored 2 when I I suffered the 'what's the point' syndrome in a later level but also got sidetracked into Fallout 4 after that.

    @peter_spy: I know what you mean about Plague. I think it just needed a few more hints as to direction (like Last of Us 2) plus additional 'simple' stealth rather than every ten steps there's a puzzle, plus I don't know what to add interest plus (for me) a 'skip puzzle (like in LOU2) and skip boss' option. I mean, I want part of my money back because imagine buying a movie you can't finish!

    @STiFU:  Thanks I'll add Prey to my list to check out. (Unless that's that Predator on a space station game? I suffered nausea on that and had to stop. Also got bored quick. Wow! I'm getting overloaded with possibilities I never found even after many Googles over many weeks. Perhaps I was too focused on 1st person.

    @freyk: assassins creed I'll rethink but I'm doubtful because of previous. & watch dogs I'll check out but suspect it's that hacking game? Didn't get along with that far for some reason I forget. Gameplay? Confusion? dunno

    @Carnage: Thanks, I'll add Sniper Elite 3 & 4 to my ever-growing list!

    Wow! My original post was kind of rhetorical because I didn't really expect much if anything after all my previous Googling. Thanks Everyone!


  16. Never was any real Open World stealth game? Well not in the modern sense I guess. But Thief and Dark Mod are open - but just relatively small worlds with the missions accessed in a linear fashion. That's got me imagining a future where someone produces Dark Project and Metal Age each in one large world but you can't access all the missions immediately. Maybe some would work out of order though. But say you need Bafford's scepter like a key to get into the Boneyard - but you could go there and try - pique your interest in getting the scepter. LGS and Darkmod are still miles ahead of anything I've seen for stealth and climbing. Oh, no, Dying Light was probably the best climber. Climb anything you'd expect to. In Plague you can walk beside a three or five foot wall for miles but can't climb it until you reach one spot - much the same as everywhere else - but with the 'climb' marker. Little hedges are solid.

    I might take another look at Skyrim. I finished Oblivion twice but never finished Skyrim because my interest/immersion faded. I recall something like a crypt where something like you find 7 things and plonk them on 7 places to open up something and I kind of couldn't make the effort. Now, having made Thief and TDM  missions myself, I know all games boil down to go, get, put, kill rules, so the story has to be dramatic, emotional, and fascinating enough that you WANT to! (and obscure the rules.)

    Maybe I'll try Dying Light again. Must be years since I did that. Prepare myself for DY2.

    Another one worth a mention I really like the look of on utube for originality is Little Nightmares (sequel coming)  interesting horror platformer 3rd person but 1st person mod for PC (apparently.) I was almost ready to buy when I discovered it was only 3rd person because I'd seen the 1st person vid on utube. But now I'm desperate enough to get it. One thing put me off is I read in the story you proceed blah blah then are trapped in a cage when you go in for food. So my feeling is I hate being forced into failing! I mean, if I see that now, I'll know - but there'll be no other option.

    Ultimately I'll get Dark Mod again but my current pc is really basic and very slow. I downloaded TDM the other week but jerky even on a simple mission start. Later...

  17. Deleted 5 disappointing unfinished games last night that I'd downloaded recently, and that's not counting Last of Us 2. That at least had a lot of good things enough to make it playable to the (unsatisfying) end.

    Most recent was A Plague Tale: Innocence. Now this has a huge amount of stealth but it's a third-person, rigid corridor world, albeit with great medieval graphics - probably the best graphics I've seen. Dark Mod would be brilliant with this engine and resources. But spoilt by zero game saves except the single auto save inventory and last checkpoint, endless replaying of frustrating puzzles (which would have been brilliant with a little optional info and hinting when needed) resulting in me having to play several utube walkthroughs else I could not continue. (Can't help thinking there should be a law about games that are unfinishable without outside help (sometimes unfinishable for many of us even with help, see following.) So yes, the ultimate killer for me was occasional forced combat but especially big boss fights:

    You play a 'weak' teen girl hampered by having to help her sick little brother along. Now this appealed to me because I played Fallout 4 over TWO YEARS to all 4 endings on difficult setting. Yes, it's 1st/3rd person switchable! Discovered the most fun was before you got loads of armour, power weapons, when it was far more edgy, so played on Survival level. Finished that then started again, designed a 'weak' teen pampered girl who wouldn't wear any armour because none of it was 'fashionable' and she refused to murder humans (yes, it is just about possible to finish the entire game that way, and if anyone wants details, post here. You need some imagination to immerse in your own personal fiction) Then I played it again as this teen but with NO companion to help and NO perks.

    So imagine my delight when I read about 'Plague' with loads of stealth and a weak girl protagonist. But back to the boss fights. Your only weapon is a slingshot your dad taught you an hour ago! Later (feels like almost the same day) you fight a big brute of a guy in heavy steel armour, in a confined space. I ran around trying to find a way out, then reluctantly tried my sling but my little stones just bounced off his armour (surprising that.) Oh, yeah, by the way, he has only five sentences he repeats endlessly during the 50 or 100 replays I had to endure before killing him. Anyway, I had to go on utube to see you had to hit key points on his armour until parts fall off and finally his helmet. Maybe that's a common trope in games?

    But last night, captured by the English army and trying to escape, I had endless frustrating tries (really good tough stealth though) before reaching the gate without killing anyone. But then there's a staged (everything is bloody staged) combat with 5 enemy rushing at you. I managed to kill two before being over-run again. And again. And... after 5 times I exited in disgust and wiped the game.

    If you don't mind occasional tough combat mixed in with good stealth then I recommend Plague even though it is third person. (might be a first person mod on PC?)

    The newer Hitman 2 I mentioned elsewhere was spoilt by third person. Abandoned during the tutorial.

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has 3rd person stealth but I wasn't enjoying the forced combat, third person, and silly jumps instead of genuine climbing.

    The Outer Worlds has some first person stealth but had no immersive character/story for me so I soon found I didn't really care what happened. Endless weak humour trivialises everything you do. Zero tension. I couldn't get excited about finding spare parts for my vacuum cleaner bot.

    Far Cry 5 was the most playable, stealth and huge 1st-person open world and whatever combat you want/don't want. But about 15 times during the game you magically get a dart in your leg, are captured and have to endure staged frustrating corridor taunting torture events (this literally feels like Ubisoft torturing the player.) Plus, I read you can't really ultimately 'win' in any satisfying way at all (worse than LOU2.)

    The best I could do was start again, complete the small island tutorial, then set yourself as a rebel. Fuck the Cult, fuck Dutch, and fuck Ubisoft. Play as a rebel opportunist thief who's daddy got him the job of sheriff's deputy. Don't play Ubisoft's game. Refuse to be their hero. As a looter/thief you seize the lawless opportunity to make a fortune (I aimed for $100,000) then make your 'imaginary' ending by 'escaping' the inescapable valley. You can run up the hill behind the giant YES sign until you hit the boundary warning and pretend its says WELL DONE! YOU HAVE FINISHED THE GAME! or there's what I think is a nicer 'exit' to the right of Hurk Drubman's house - right fork there is a tricky but do-able rock climb, then pretend the hollow beyond that has an old tunnel out of sight. Make sure you find out how to backup the single gamesave (VERY important) and do it VERY regularly. Now, regard the 'Resistance Points' as 'Get noticed by the Cult Points'. Instead of trying to GAIN RPs you must AVOID them at all costs. To do this you cannot liberate any cult outposts nor kill any VIP cultists nor release any captives nor destroy cult property. Shoot any captives first else if they're not tied up they'll run off and you'll be 'penalised' with RPs. An alternative of course is to tolerate a few RPs so long as you don't cross a division in the list. Apart from looting, there's LOADS of treasure stashes to find. And just cruising around is great fun for a while. Not sure it's worth full price for this game though.

    So, any recommendations for good stealth, first person, preferably open-world games on PS4?

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  18. Just deleted about 5 games off my PS4 last night in a fit of erm... annoyance, including Hitman 2. (I never got beyond the tutorial on that.) I've downloaded these 5 games over the last few weeks and all disappointing. Mind you, they've all got their good points but I'd almost rather see a bad game (movie, book) than a good one that's spoilt by things that could easily have been fixed. I might have a rant in a new thread somewhere actually.

  19. Aaaahhhh - that explains it. I hadn't realised there are two Hitman 2s (or is that Hitmans 2? or even Hitmen 2?) Anyway, thanks, it was reduced to £16 on PS4 so I'll dump it and see if they still have the old version. They certainly had tons of confusing stuff relating to Hitman 2 it was hard to tell what was the main game so I went on the price reduction from £54.

  20. Wikipedia says: Hitman 2 features mission-based gameplay, from a third-person perspective, which can optionally be switched to a first-person view. That was one of the factors that made me just buy it. But damned if I can find any option to switch to 1st person. Anyone seen this?

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