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  1. Like I said, I think I think the author should be able to make voices hard to make out if he sees fit to, e.g. to make weather SFX hit the player harder. It definitely made the storm more real when I played this FM. But I think ambient music should definitely be adjustable apart other sound sources.
  2. I just played the FM Awaiting the Storm, which has background music and a rain ambient sound. It was hard to discern the guards' voices in the din of heavy rain and/or background music. When adjusting the levels, I discovered all these sound types---weather, voices and music---were adjusted with the same slider, ambient volume. The other parameter was sfx volume---e.g. footsteps, water arrow splash and blackjack impact. Maybe it should be hard to discern what people say when there's a storm, as an FM design choice, but I think the player should be able to himself set the sound levels for ambient music. People's hearing and their ability to discern one sound from another is highly variable. Even if the ambient music sounds nicely balanced with characters' voices for the FM author, it might not for the player.
  3. Hi, I installed the Dark Mod a while back, but just recently got around to actually start playing missions. The mod is fantastic and feels like what Thief 3 should have been and more. I liked the handful of missions, all of them, I've played so far a lot. There was something of a practical problem, though: I couldn't help but notice that when I install a mission, it gets copied from the fms folder to the root Doom3 folder, and the copy remains there even after I uninstall the mission. A few questions: Is this how it's supposed to be? If I don't want double instances of each mission saved on my already cramped drive, can I delete the instance in the fms folder without suffering possible negative consequences? If this is how it's supposed to be, is it gonna stay that way, or might there be a more space saving FM install utility somewhere in the pipeline? To the devs and FM authors: Thank you for making this great game
  4. I took it for granted that Thief 3 would have shadow detection in the AIs, to me that was the whole point with dynamic shadows. After a while it dawned on me, though, that this wasn't case. Garrett's shadow was just a cosmetic touch, not a gameplay element. How will it be in Dark Mod? I love you Dark Mod guys for what you're doing here, by the way. If I were the praying type, I'd pray every day that you'll stick with it. I tip my hat at you. SG
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