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  1. Listen I'm not a programmer. What exactly does the programming do? Is it how the door handles turn, whether they open the door or if it's locked and you need a key etc. What is the Stim/Response system etc?
  2. Are you guys doing the easy, normal, hard settings?
  3. What code has sparhawk written that is missing from Doom 3?
  4. I meant Domarius and not Doom. What aspect of the programming do you do then Ishtvan?
  5. It should be out in early 2007 probably. Not that long to wait. March by the looks of it. On PS3 anyway... http://www.tothegame.com/game.asp?id=5374
  6. They say it'll probably come out on the 360. It may eventually come out on the PC. If they get a good mix of Splinter Cell, Prince of Persia and some exploration, it could be a bit of a gem.
  7. Some new pics and a little bit of new info: http://www.computerandvideogames.com/article.php?id=144367
  8. What exactly does the programming do? Is it how the door handles turn, whether they open the door or if it's locked and you need a key etc. What is the Stim/Response system etc?
  9. So how does what you do affect the mod? I mean that out of interest and not being rude !! I know DOm does AI etc. SO what does the programming you do, do in the mod?
  10. What advantages doe the "Quake 4" engine have over DOOM3?
  11. I was just wondering what your role entails. I thought it was to make DarkRadiant, and also to combine all the other peoples work together for the DarkMod i.e. getting the music, speech, models, A.I. and other stuff into a cohesive package.
  12. Sparhawk what sort of programming do you do for the mod? What does the programming entail?
  13. Interesting news regarding XNA and the Torgue game engine: http://interviews.teamxbox.com/xbox/1692/G...s-Interview/p1/
  14. That was once an attractive woman, who after being under the influence of Hollywood youth and body culture turned to Plastic Surgery with disastrous consequences. Her name is Jackie Stallone, mother of Sylvester.
  15. Schatten, I think you were talking about Commandos. Very good game, though could be anally difficult. If you like planning ahead etc as you say, have you tried some of the Ghost Recon/Rainbow Six games? Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, the latest one, allows you to do a lot of planning ahead etc. I know what you mean with Hitman and SC. I loved the first SC, and played both of the other 2, but found them too samey.
  16. My genre of choice is Adventure games with light roleplaying elements like Shenmue and Zelda. Stealth is probably second equal with RPG's. FPS aren't my cup of tea, except for Halo. Deus Ex is an exception too, though that was more like a FP RPG in many aspects.
  17. It's rather good. I reckon number 22 is by him aswell. The other ones are mgnifique also. I love the shadowing of the rooms. Tha floor on the last pic and the reflection of the lamps is very impressive.
  18. What type of game will it be? No details, but will it be adventure, stealth...?
  19. I thought you patented or whatever your own engine licence So you bought a game engine and are developing a game with it?
  20. More detailed overview: http://editorials.teamxbox.com/xbox/1688/X...-the-Gamers/p1/
  21. You've developed your own game engine? BTW, did you see the gameplay footage for Broken Sword 4 I posted today?
  22. Yeah that's what I thought. I was just wondering whether the tools used in the PC version could be used in an altered form to put up FM's etc?
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