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    just keep switching all the levers to the right till you get them all



    This mission is crazy crazy, all that teleporting. It should be "Tower of Teleporting". I personally dislike teleporting. Run down hall, turn, open door, teleport, run down hall, turn, open door, teleport, about 189 times in a row. And far too much lock-picking for my tastes


    But there were some really cool parts of the mission as well, some bits I really liked :)



    the blocks that suddenly moved to align into a bridge to the floating door



    I really liked

    the models the inventor built too.



    I enjoyed the

    rope arrow across the river chasm using the beams



    and most of all, I frickin LOVED LOVED LOVED

    the highly interactive desk and its cool secret compartment!


  2. I'm going to have a few "free" days after next week, just a few days before the deadline! I'm going to really try to finish my map, but it might be a few days late.


    It's called "Swing", and it won't be everyone's cup of tea since it's more akin to a vertical platformer than a proper thiefy sneaking mission, but I know a few folks will enjoy it ;-)


    (and yes, there will be at least one rope arrow)

  3. I didn't participate, but I noticed when they were all working on Saint Lucia they would "lock" it while working on it, then upload changes, then "unlock" it. So basically it was one person at a time. I may be wrong about that though.

  4. not impossible, but probably not worth it. Rope arrows will drap and wrap around stuff somewhat, but only have a few "bones", so the rope looks pretty blocky (like 10 chunks). To have a real chain with all the links physically interacting realistically would be extreme overkill considering the state of other physical interactions in the game. Probably even just a very short chain would kill performance in an empty room. But that's the sort of thing I would LOVE to see in the future if we all eventually get more physics oriented gaming hardware

  5. I remember positioning my parallel moonbeam light to EXACTLY match the location and angle of the moon I placed in the skybox - very nice effect to look up and see the moon, step over near the building and see the moon go behind the roof line, and then look down and see that I am indeed stepping into the moonlight shadow of the building

  6. When we make prefabs we almost always want them at 0,0,0 right? Only rarely do we want them at the current coordinates. So maybe DR could have some default setting in the make prefab selection that says "will be set to 0,0,0, unless you check this box to retain the current location (rarely needed)" or something like that. Would save a lot of headache always moving junk to 0,0,0

  7. He released it years ago. So I think it's safe to assume it's allowed to be updated to run now. No one is CHANGING the mission, just fixing a few broken bits to make it work. It's polite and nice to ask for permission, but after this long with no reply I say it's fully acceptable to move forward with it.

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