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  1. Due to MANY requests over past couple years, and also due to webhosting bills for my Thief sites, I've completely revamped and updated the Final Komag DVDs for one last release. I really mean it, this won't happen again after May 31, 2012.


    If you don't already know, the Komag DVDs contain my "Complete Thief Fan Mission Archive" of all the FMs ever made, over 1100 of them! They also contain other Thief support files, such as loaders, editors, videos, patches, upgrades, etc


    As usual, you can get everything completely free by sending me blank DVDs (see my site for the instructions), or you can make a donation to help with the web-hosting fees and I'll send you out a set as a bonus/thank-you.


    PS - I removed most of the "junk" from the last batch (such as the silly movies/pictures, the big play-through videos, the various game demos that weren't Thief, etc), and have added a TON of FMs from the past three years. So the DVDs are MOSTLY FMs, with some other essential Thief related stuff as well, no fluff. :thumb:


    PPS - This is open to anyone anywhere in the world (except Nigeria)


    more details at The Keep


    note - I sincerely believe this thread is appropriate for this forum, but if moderators/admin don't think so then I'll be happy to move or edit or delete it as you see fit

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  2. That sounds like crap. I prefer single player, ALWAYS. I would hate getting disconnected and losing progress. I would hate to be forced to join with other players sometimes because they didn't balance the game properly for a good single player experience.


    I'm sure the actual game is fun and cool, but I'll probably avoid it

  3. I think you have some good advice here on this thread overall. The only thing I want to add is that it might work well to write it out in a letter first, then DON'T send it for a few days or a week, then go back and re-write the letter and edit it so it sounds right, THEN send it, and THEN call and talk to her about the letter.


    It's sort of an ice-breaker that way, and writing it out gives you a chance to be sure you say it right, and then you can talk about it more with real voices (or in person) later. It also gives her a chance to read the letter and digest it a little while before having to instantly react to you on the phone or in person, so it might be considerate of her that way too.

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  4. Siyah, how do you know about 10 T2 missions in 2012? I'm trying to find them, can't! None on CheapMissions, none on SouthQuarter, etc. I see some announcements on the forums, like Black Frog - is that how you know about them, and there are 9 others (or does Black Frog count as 5?!)

  5. That was a really weird way to create the roof and with the cap like that! I would have used a quite different approach, but that's honestly just me.


    The important thing is that there are many different approaches that will work, and anyone following your videos to learn will indeed learn the commands and how to manipulate brushes a lot and they will get a lot of ideas of the possibilities of what can be done.


    You're absolutely right that videos is where it's at. My free time hit something around zero a couple years back or I would have made many more training vids after my first couple. If you can carry that torch, the community will be that much better off!

  6. I don't see the problem, that's pretty much my experience of the games as well, blend of hard and soft (not really a blend I guess, just both). The hard stuff can be somewhat skipped or skimmed if people only want soft, and the soft could be glazed over if people want to focus on the hard, I like both.

  7. What the heck, why would they even have an interest in disallowing motorcycle commuting? I can't think of any reason.


    About Saturnine not being allowed to make game fan missions, that at least has a little bit of reason behind it - he's working for a game company and could easily be tempted to make fan missions somewhat based on or related to environments and storylines he's exposed to at work, which could dilute the company's product, potentially. So instead of having to constantly monitor and judge whether employee fanworks are problematic they simply outlaw them. A little heavy handed, but you can at least see where it's logically coming from.

  8. recording quality sounds very good to me, nice new mic! I think most of the lines are pretty good, but a couple of the dramatic Benny lines don't seem dramatic enough to me, like he's not being angry or sharp enough. But mostly decent. I love good mics, you so rarely hear them in amateur recordings or home video. We usually just hear the mic on the camcorder which is always crap.

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