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  1. Just download Zork and find out.


    It's simple really, you just type junk like "look at rug" or "go south" or "climb the rope" or whatever. You gather clues, and explore the world solving puzzles and gathering treasure.


    It's like a book because you let your imagination flow to envision the places you are exploring.


    Oh, and you draw a map, and rework the map once you realize you had it a bit messed up, then rework it again till it's perfect!

  2. Wow, these are really inspiring! The only problem I now have is taming the desire to make some million poly city scene that would run 1/2 fps! So I have to take some the grander scenes and take the inspiration and translate it down to smaller more immediate type scenes.


    But thank you! Stuff like this is very helpful and nice to see.


    PS - I'm glad you directly hosted the pics so they are all still around! Usually after a few months half the pics out there are bad links.

  3. I just don't see the point in it, except the engine being showcased...


    A lot of people said that about Far Cry as well, but I liked both games for themselves, very fun in different ways, and both very different from Thief as well.

  4. No, the respawning is immediate, not after load zone.


    Perhaps a sort of cop-out if talking about the black-jack wake up thing, but having waking up AI alerting everyone would put a big damper on gameplay and force too much ghosting I think. Sometimes realism isn't the way to go

  5. Lurkers use those accounts to keep track of what they've read via the cookie.


    There's no rule that you have to post on forums, so it'd be unfair to delete them.


    I never thought of that. People really do that?


    Maybe they could get a warning email a month prior, saying they need to simply reply to email or something, to not get deleted.

  6. tell me honestly that you didn't spend hours trying to find a way from level 5 to the basement of level 10.


    If I'm thinking of the right place, then yes, tried for a long time too! That level was TRIPPY! One of my favourite old Thief memories

  7. I was just browsing through the Member list, sorting different ways, seeing how many "applicants" there are, seeing the recently registered members, etc etc, and I've noticed (probabaly true of ALL forums out there) that there are an awful lot of people with 0 posts. It would certainly make the list easier to look through if they were just all deleted!


    I don't want to be mean or anything, but people who registered many months ago and never posted anything are surely long gone, right?


    Maybe it could be automatic - your account will disappear if there are no posts at all after 6 months. Even if you just have 1 post it will not disappear ever, but zero posts and you're gone!


    Or maybe there could be a sorting option added to the member list page to not show anyone with 0 posts. That way their accounts are still there but I don't have to see them filling up the lists.


    Ah, I probably won't give a rat's tail tomorrow, but a few minutes ago it did :P

  8. That's why in TDS they had respawning AI. I generally hate the idea of respawning, but I think it worked out okay in the city sections of TDS because it made me mostly ghost, but occasionally blackjack someone if I needed to for that immediate area for that moment.


    In a much larger city area the respawning effect would work better (sometimes in TDS you'd see the new AI very soon or immediately after offing the old one), because they respawned AI could be set to only spawn far away from the player.

  9. I've been following Dark Mod all along (somewhat), but had been really trying to support T3Ed and surrounding stuff. Thus, I hadn't played any T2 FMs for a VERY long time, until last week I fired up and played the whole T2X.


    It was then that I again realized just how much better the movement and feel of classic Thief is over TDS, especially leaning, rope arrows, and water. I knew it all already, but it was a big reminder that just seemed to hit home harder this time.


    So I came back to read up on Dark Mod some more, and I noticed the forums for the first time. After reading a bunch of threads and stuff, I decided it's time to climb aboard and really focus more on TDM at this point, since it's the last best hope for a bright Thief style FM future!

  10. I'm a bit confused, because that sort of sounds like what I said.


    It sounds like you're saying you feared that now that T3Ed was released, it would become popular and no one would want to use Dark Mod. So you mean the future authors, not Dark Mod developers? I think I get it.


    It seems that not many people are using T3Ed. Contest 7 was a bomb. The T3Ed forum is eerily quiet most of the time. The Dromed forum (The Editor's Guild) on the other hand still has daily activity, sometimes a lot.


    Maybe a lot of Dromedders will eventually skip to Dark Mod once it's publically ready, sort of leapfrogging past TDS editor altogether. But they'll only do it if leaning is perfect! ;)

  11. Well, I think TDS FMs still have their place for the next while, and I'll play them and maybe even make another one, and MAYBE host another TDS contest (sometime in 2007 perhaps).


    But all along I've felt the Dark Mod was the best solid future for Thief-type Fan Missions. Back when it was first getting started, before we knew we were going to get a TDS editor, I thought Dark Mod was a great idea and that the Doom 3 engine was the best choice for it.


    (little dark secret - when T3Ed did get released, I half-wished it hadn't because I was afraid it would detract from Dark Mod development, possibly killing it off altogether. I'm VERY glad my fears were wrong)

  12. Okay, I haven't touched Thief 2 or any FMs for it for ages (like over a year and even then only for a couple days) until last week. I fired up T2X and played the whole thing this week and finished it tonight.


    I can't believe how stupid they were in TDS to screw up leaning!!! It's such a WONDERFUL feature in T1/2, and I love to forward lean as well, very often. I had forgotten how nice it is.


    I've read a bunch of threads and I know you will have leaning, but what about the forward lean? And how well is the leaning working out? Is it as perfect and nice and in T1/2, or is it kind of wonky as in Far Cry and other games? Somewhere inbetween?


    Thanks! :)

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