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  1. Hey thanks for this, but please don't have any high hopes from me I have to manage school as well as work so I was just looking for something to do in my spare time.
  2. I know absolutely nothing about Perl but I am willing to try. Where are the scripts?
  3. Hey thank you these links are more precisely what I was looking for.
  4. I had this exact idea, but now I see your recommendation to not do that. I have no idea what exactly this is but I will try to explore what all this means. I have to manage school as well so I will see what I can do.
  5. Wow thanks for the suggestions, I am just getting into the gaming arena while managing school as well. So let me see what I can do
  6. I am a Python programmer and currently a data analytics student. I wonder if there is any way I can help. (Also I upload gameplay videos on YouTube)
  7. I see I am quite new to game development. I wanted to explore existing examples and learn and so I thought I could work with the code directly and play with it. I am installing the game right via the installer but I am curious like can I change how the game would work (after installing) if I change values in the scripts? (I am a programmer so I know what to expect) Thanks.
  8. I would like to download the source code and play around with it. The source code compilation procedures shows in a pic that the source code must be next to the installed game. I was wondering if we can only play around with the source code with the game installed as well or can we directly run the game from the source code? Thank you
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