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  1. I can prolly do that but I meant list of commands then like click arrow and take a page down not just a single comand. My main issue is that scroll defs are only limitedly used in the original code and theres not alot on them in any resource so whatever I do it basically trying new territory. Not Saying I couldnt get the scroll bar to function but it will take me longer and I think theres more important issue personally.
  2. Scroll bar scrolling or pageturn scrolling. Second is easy, I see now real way of soing the first. The original doesnt have it for a reason. Scroll defs access outside, the lang script, So I dunno how to have code within them. If it's a must i'll try but pageturn works just fine too.
  3. I'm all set up and got everything downloaded. I'm just trying to get everything I want done so the menus we have are complete, and every time I iron out one little bug it causes something else, I guess can seeing how that could happen trying to do something as simple as add in music code, it makes sense that trying to get everything bug free could cause that . Anyways I'll be on holiday next week so I'll hopefully get EVERYTHING done once and for all.
  4. I can't think of anything else what you (or me if you just want me to add in to next fix) could add is a loop as far as it goes untill it times out then set a float on then when it hits loop after first time reset time then when it goes around secont ime if the loop is on it al resets
  5. assuming that's the case you could maybe sneak around it using +time in splits, but it depeneds if that's even the problem
  6. We will have an FM loader btu I just mean like a savegame/loadgame loader
  7. Thanks ISh, that's exactly what I meant. I just don't want to miss the lines that you changed. Gui code can be very finicky and mess up at the slightest changes if they aren't merged in right.
  8. It affects if I overwrite it though. I guess I'll just add it into the code I alreaydb have. Can you post the ontime code?
  9. it's just the song then, not any changes in the code?
  10. HWen did you commit it? The music works fine in the version I have
  11. You didn't change anything that's going to be messed up if I commit did you?
  12. Oooooh I have a good idea. Lets stop debating something neither side can prove any more than religion can prove there's a god. We wait 50 years. If we are all dead due to global warming then Oddity owes us all a round. If not, then we'll all be alive and it will be cool.
  13. Going with that, I'll try to have it updated tonight hopefully???? (Very hopefully but I'm getting to work now)
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