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  1. Trailer is done, enjoy!

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    2. Obsttorte


      funny how you always mention this brightness topic, although true in general, I've never seen this problem in any of the by you mentioned cases, so it's maybe a problem with your screen [insert smiley here]

    3. Professor Paul1290

      Professor Paul1290

      I actually stopped turning up the gamma so much in my videos after I got several comments from random viewers (not on youtube) that they were too bright and they couldn't tell I was hidden by shadows because the shadows were so washed out. I turned the gamma back down for this trailer and my latest Let's Play and so far I haven't had anyone else mention that either video was too bright or dark so far.

    4. Professor Paul1290

      Professor Paul1290

      I guess to explain further, I kept getting "the AI in this game sucks, he couldn't see you even though you were right there" comments until I put notes on all the previous videos that I had the gamma higher than normal.

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