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  1. One from a recent run where it's pretty visible. Not a very clean one admittedly.
  2. A bit of an update on the sound effect. I did a clean reinstall and that seemed to have stopped the "missing shader sound" beep from occurring in this case. That said, now it's totally silent (or maybe really really quiet) for whatever that sound effect is supposed to be, and it is causing an AI alert which I'm guessing is not the intended behavior. Anyway, most consistent way I've found to recreate it is using this chest in particular in The Knighton Manor: https://i.imgur.com/EPFFt6D.jpg If you grab the Noisemaker Arrow before touching anything else in there then it should cause the se
  3. Actually you can! Pretty much anything you can pick up that doesn't fit in your inventory can be broken down using Recycler Charges. That said be careful with that, as a LOT of things are susceptible to Recycler Charges, including a lot of supplies, so loot first before breaking down the furniture.
  4. There is definitely "spawning" of enemies in Prey 2017 but I don't think I'd call it "respawning". By that I mean a lot of the areas repopulate with enemies, but they're very often a different set of enemies (often more difficult ones). I'm still not that sure how it works. I think it's tied to progressing in the game and it's just dropping in new baddies when you reach certain points in the story. The idea that the Typhon are spreading and making more of themselves is a sort of plot point so I'm guessing it's going along with that. You do end up revisiting previous areas a lot more than i
  5. I've been having an awesome time with Prey 2017. I guess I'd even go so far to say I genuinely like it more than System Shock 2, though I'll mention for context that I've had my issues with System Shock 2. I like Prey 2017's skills/powers more than SS2's. The first "level" of each skill/power generally has enough utility to stay useful even if you don't decide to invest much more into that specific skill/power, so you're much less likely to feel you've wasted any neuromods. Hacking may be the exception as I don't think it really gets its general utility until "level 2", but even that isn't
  6. I think there's another factor that is motivating this decision, which is the fact that a lot of users now hate annotations. Unfortunately some channels have abused annotations so much they've turned a significant portion of the viewers against this feature. At this point lot of users just immediately turn off annotations or disable them completely. I'm pretty sure YouTube has noticed this by now and I wouldn't be surprised if it's part of the motivation for this change.
  7. Not sure what "hyper visor bios exploits" refers to specifically in these docs. Perhaps it has to do with the section on EFI/ UEFI? Anti-sandbox can refer to quite a few things that show up in this leak like "Flash Bang", the "Elderpiggy" exploit for iOS, or maybe the trick they pulled from "The Trojan Upclicker". What about them? Yes BIOS exploits and anti-sandboxing techniques are a threat. Yes they are very concerning. While they're not the most common types exploits floating around, the CIA don't exactly have a monopoly on them. Does whether the CIA or some criminal group have th
  8. Well, I was anal-retentive enough to spend several hours actually going through the docs that were released. I've come to the conclusion that while the docs themselves seem legit, the summary/interpretation by WikiLeaks is awful at best and intentionally misleading at worst. Some of the content of these docs are really concerning, but it's only a small fraction. Of actual interest are some exploits for iOS and Android, and these are the most interesting mostly because of the lack of info about them. Realistically there's a good chance a lot of these do not work anymore. Most of the res
  9. Just saw this. I have a couple videos still up if you want to use them: 2.0 Standalone Trailer: 6 minutes of Old Habits II:
  10. I do sometimes "time" guard patrols with a watch and/or clock, but not too often. I only really do it if I don't feel like I have another good way to get some "warning time" on a guard. Usually I'll look into other methods that aren't timing dependent first. When I do use timing I usually try to get at least 3 "sample" encounters to make sure it is consistent due to a lot of missions having semi-random elements to their patrols, and even then I try to leave significant margin for variation. More often in order to avoid the random guard coming in unexpectedly in while searching around a roo
  11. I use lean a lot, but not really to stay unlit as much as to try to see the guards around corners before they see me so I have some time to react. I wasn't actually aware of how exactly it interacted with light until this thread.
  12. Honestly, I could understand not finishing System Shock 2. In my opinion the game suddenly becomes really annoying partway through the Rickenbacker.
  13. I don't think this is really limited to gamers. I notice a lot of my peers (gamers or not) haven't been as into "traditional" TV as they used to. Nowadays they're usually using Netflix and/or similar services and if they do watch TV it's only for specific shows rather than random watching.
  14. Yay, it lives! The previous games were like Hitman but more rage inducing (in a good way, usually).
  15. Finally got around to playing this mission. I liked the believable setting and details in this mission. I do agree with others that it is rather linear and I tend to prefer more open maps. It is rather cramped and well lit. While I wouldn't necessary promote that as a desirable trait, I'll admit I kind of liked that in this case. Whether intentionally or not, it does emphasises some skills that go underutilized in a lot of other TDM missions, such as "timing" and locating guards through indirect or non-visual means. I wouldn't want too many missions like that of course, but it was a bit re
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