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  1. Damn those new stairway shots blew me away! it dosn't look like doom3 yet far more cool than any other games! (with stairways )(i love doom3 )
  2. Hey guys. I've just spotted this Awesome site. So if your modellers need some insperation in some clothing this is the thing! http://www.historiska.se/histvarld/drakt.htm Sorry for the Swedish, but that's not a big deal actually!
  3. I don't hate HL2 or steam, ist just that you can't change editor right away. And i think doom3 is more like a zombie game. HEHE! but me and rgun really talked for it about a week, and i can really see the posebilityes of using source, becouse that really blow him away and got some really nice ideas for the mod and the missions. witch i ofcourse can't speak of here. And our streets in doom3 became laggy when we put some models in and even we made viportals it couldn't work So now i can't make medieval strugtures any more.HEH. Well..... nothing to do about it. HAMMER SUCKS!
  4. Were i shop for weapons http://www.fabri-armorum.cz/ just try to click around. that's the kind of weapons i would play with if I had to
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