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  1. Melan: Thank you for quick reply. Aaagh, you got me. At least you will know that your efforts are not wasted. I should have stuck with my hunch about another way in. Just did not look hard enough. Makes for great play though, thank you again. Pete
  2. Thank you for this amazing mission. I have a question regarding Armond's or Armand's key. I found a door that it will open but the door seems blocked, maybe by a body? It will open very slowly and I can see a little bit of the room. At the bottom of the door there is maybe a small part of a red cape. I have been to this area before I had the key and don't remember if I did something to cause this. Is it important that I get into this room or do I have to start over? Another way in maybe? I could watch the videos of gameplay but I really hate doing that.
  3. This truly is one of the greatest missions that I have ever played. Thank you so much for providing us with your talent. Reminded me a bit of Sensut's "Dracula". Play was flawless on my ASUS ROG G752VT-DH72 laptop. Took me just over 8 hours on acolyte level. I do not wish to be unfair to other author's as I still have a lot of missions left to play. I thank all of the author's for their wonderful series of missions. Pete
  4. Good price for a large screen, I started searching on newegg and found this 14" Toshiba M645-S4118X Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit CPU Type Intel Core i5-2410M 2.3GHz Screen 14" Memory Size 6GB DDR3 Hard Disk 640GB Optical Drive BD Combo Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce GT 525M Video Memory 1GB GDDR3 $999 Would appriciate your opinion. Again, thank you for your help. Pete
  5. Thinking about buying a new laptop. Current laptop I have is a Toshiba A215 with a ATI X1200. Runs most T2 missions. Bathory campaign was to laggy to play. Dark Mod unplayable. What would be a good laptop GPU while keeping cost around $1000? My desktop is a Dell Dimension E520 Dual Core 1.8GHz ATI 4670 HD 2GB Ram 19" Digital Monitor Vista 32 bit Dark Mod runs great. I recently learned that larger screens require better GPU's, need more pixels. makes sense. Maybe thats why I can play most T1 and T2 missions on my ASUS Eee 901 netbook. Thank you, Pete
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