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  1. 1.05 of course. Yes I'm near, it's necessary to be near to cause guard being suspicious. Usually he does that kind of script in the loop: - stands near table for a while - gets back to the chair - sits for a while, singing or talking to himself - stands up and goes to the table I can see him through the window mouth visible on the screen I attached. When I'm standing nearby the torch he usually spots that "something is there" while sitting, tries to stand up and game freezes. But it is not 100% rule. The rule is: when he starts being suspicious that "something is not right" game freezes afte
  2. I've found another smaller problem. In caduceus of st.alban there is this guard, a key holder, guarding a keys to different places on the map. Near his place game occasionally happens to freeze (rendering and controls - only nearby sounds like ambient and fire burning are still playing). If guard is not suspicious or discovers my presence instantly nothing happens, but in 50% cases when he spots something but he's not sure what he has seen screen freezes and stops responding. I don't know where to place this kind of stuff, error reports and things like that, so for now I'm writing it here. I'm
  3. I did download darkmod on another computer and playing it on other, no problem with it.
  4. I checked this also: when EAX is enabled in DarkMod then the problem occurs no matter if I have EAX disabled or enabled in sound card's driver settings. It's strange that engine acts the same way like it does not recognize if EAX is enabled, disabled or maybe even present in the system.
  5. St. Lucia works also. I assume problem is recognized and won't check all misions over again. It's unclear to me why EAX problem casues error with 3d models, although it makes sense when recalling disabled sound after joint hips error. Though this is only the wrong message and problem still exists and reads: I shouldn't be able to turn on EAX 4.0 if my hardware does not support it, or at least the error message should be clear enouth to tell me to disable EAX support and this is the thing to be fixed. I've got Sound Blaster X-Fi mX Xtreme Audio OEM PCI sound card. I found clear information th
  6. Problem is caused by enabled EAX 4.0. Disabling it makes Alchemist work just like that. I don't have time now for investigating other missions. I will inform later.
  7. Here is updated info for NHAT missions: 20a) NHAT mission 1/3 - First after restarting DarkMod after installing mission the great thing is changed main menu theme. Second is the movie, wow! but sometimes pixels in this movie are corrupted. Next the animated intro, difficulty screen, I click start mission and after 1/4 of progress bar it returns to difficulty screen. I click start mission again, loading starts from the point it ended (!) and mission works great starting from another animation and then I can play(save/load too). 20b) NHAT mission 2/3 - first attempt escapes to objectives screen
  8. good point. PS: 'briefing' - that's the word I have been missing all yesterday evening and been using 'plot' instead:)
  9. Yes this is the training mission in french. I will delete it, I wanted to do that, when I discovered the training mission is copy of some other mission I've seen, but I couldn't remember which one was that. Now it's obvious. I'll update the thread with NHAT missions details today.
  10. I forgot the listing tool of course - I'm not permitted to upload jar files and other types of files, so remove txt extension after downloading. dirscan.java.txt dirscan.jar.txt
  11. Here are more details as I promised: I've updated darkmod, some little files were downloaded, but I supposed only CRC files, next I started my tests. The failure message always is: Joint 'HIPS' not found for attachment position 'HIPS_SHEATH_L' for entity 'XXX' - where XXX is always some different name of some entity in the map definition. There are two kinds of behaviours: A ) - mission falls off to the difficulty/objectives screen without any message, there is no difficulty choosed, and objectives sheet is empty, you can choose difficulty again and click start mission again, loading sta
  12. I haven't got any old files, because it's my first encounter with DarkMod and I've launched tdmupdater in clean darkmod folder. I will post the listing today evening and maybe do a list of working/not working missions.
  13. Welcome all, I've just discovered dark mod few days ago, downloaded it with all the excitement you can imagine, followed all the instructions, the game started, it is beautifully made, wonderful design, menu music, great similarity to thief, it's really a modern thief, i'm so totally impressed with my old dream of technically modern thief coming true that I start mission immediately and... I've got 100% exactly the same behaviour like described here in bugtracker http://bugs.angua.at/view.php?id=2552. The only thread I found considering this topic is http://modetwo.net/d...%20hips__st__25 bu
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