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  1. 'tis coding, friend, 'tis coding. As far as I understand, there is no way to distinguish between wall or no wall when it comes to damage auras. Or at least that's what Fieldmedic tells a simpleton like me. For all I know about coding he could be a wizard working magic
  2. Yes, that was a compliment to your nice library before I veered off and startled rambling about my own ideas
  3. Digging that library, Siyah, digging it indeed. I'll have to spank Fieldmedic into building something similar for me one of these days, just so I can write a whimsical tale of a scribe trying to loan a book while dodging overzealous, sword-armed librarians.... One of these days....
  4. There are health potions, check your inventory. However, bear in mind that... I know it's hard, but it was meant to be so.
  5. I reckon I could do it easily enough. Give me some directions on whatcha need and I'll have a shot at it.
  6. After a long hibernation and many months of hard work, it seems that I will finally have some free time to spare once more. Not only that, but I have been hard at work crafting a map inside my mind. That is, plot, flow and layout. From the looks of most maps, it promises to be a rather unique experience. I'd rather be vague, as I would hate to spoil its content. But if any map-makers are interested in doing a joint project with a hungry Swedish writer, then don't hesitate to chat me up.
  7. Neeeeiin! I have been following this contest from the shadows and I gotta say, Siyah, you withdrawing puts a dent in the contest. Very sorry to see this happen. Still! Do not give up on contests or map-making!
  8. Oooh, I love those images. Real nice mood there with the fog and lightning. Can't wait to see what it'll be like once finished.
  9. While I cannot speak for the majority of the level, I would like to hear more on your criticism on the readibles. However, as I do not wish to derail Fieldmedic's thread, could we please do it via PMs? The main thing to remember is that as a detective, your job is to investigate. Just because the tension meter goes yellow doesn't mean that you shouldn't go snooping around
  10. Aye, one of the few things that I find bad about the map is the sheer amount of objectives. But hey, nothing's flawless except for pie. Anyhow, glad I could be of assistance!
  11. Thanks for the warm welcome, Fidcal! Fieldmedic just keeps tearing me apart >_> I've been snooping around the TDM Universe for some time, soaking up information. I especially like what you guys did with the pagans. So much more to work with now! As for your suggestions, aye, I've been considering latching onto a map-in-progress to aid with readibles and briefings. But I also have a map on my own that I am slowly gathering compatriots for. Let's just say that it'll be a soaring success if all goes well
  12. Think I know what ya missed, Briareos: Hope that helps. I am not gonna vote on this though, it'd just be unfair
  13. Greetings and salutations, everyone! I am an amateur writer from the bikini beaches of Sweden. A fan of Thief lore and setting(and thus, by extension, TDM), I now offer up my services as a writer-for-hire, provided sufficient food can be found. No mushrooms accepted. No, not even the funky kind. At any rate, I am somewhat busy with writing projects these days, so I will be very cautious in accepting work. However, rest assured that if I'm onboard, then I'm bloody well there until you pry my cold, dead fingers off the keyboard. As for past work. Not much in the terms of modding, but I did assist Fieldmedic in his latest level and, gods be good, will do so in any future projects of his. So if you want a sample, scuttle off to check his work out. //Ziggun
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